Lyn and Al’s thankful list for 2018

Friends are the family we choose for ourselves – and we are so happy to be part of the Bondi-Miller-Marschner-Muldoon-Corder-Somit ETC family.

Curiosity and imagination in young children, especially in the young children we know personally in this big extended family.

Living in our new home with a view and that we had enough energy to actually make the move.

Taking tennis lessons with Al and our sessions with the ball machine for practice.

Celebrating Al’s 99th birthday with him.

All the people who stand up for others and protest the madness in the current political scene.

People who got out and voted in the mid-term elections.

Drivers who are polite in freeway traffic.

Firefighters who keep battling the fires all around California and in other places too.

Groups like Save the Children who combat starvation in the world’s poorest places.

Rotary, Service Above Self.

Rain, whenever it comes.

Better Balance and Mobility Classes for seniors!

Music Appreciation class through the local community college.

Non-profit groups that try as hard as they can to fill the gaps that our government has made way too large for too many people.

Books: The Giver, by Lois Lowry and the other 3 books in that quartet. There There by Tommy Orange, 2018. We Gotta Get Out of This Place: The Soundtrack of the Vietnam War, by Doug Bradley and Craig Werner, 2015. Craig Johnson’s Longmire series. The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning, by Margareta Magnusson, 2018. Tell Me How It Ends: An Essay in 40 Questions, by Valeria Luiselli, 2017

Movies: Ladies in Lavender – Judy Dench and Maggie Smith, 2004. Collateral Beauty, 2016. The Hunger Games movies, watched with Aidan during his visit. I also enjoyed watching Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Secretariat with Gabe.

Music: Joan Baez’s Whistle Down the Wind CD, 2017. Being introduced to so many composers and music from many countries and cultures through a tuition-free class!

Kay Weaver’s List

2018 Thanksgiving List

While I have much to be thankful for this year these are the thought that rise to the surface:

Positive Oncology Reports

Celebrating the life and love of my mother’s transition we held in March.

Loving the time spent with Ma Miller and missing our unique relationship and the special traditions only she and I shared.

Hearing Vivian say the words…”Love you Granny”

Travels with Leon, Kim and Vivian

Girls weekend with Kim

Friend’s who have the ability to make you smile when you do not feel well

Two feet and long walks

Warm winds as they touch my face and embrace my soul.

American Son on Broadway
Sistahs off Broadway
Nina Simone:Four Women – True Colors Theatre
The Color Purple- Actor’s Express
The Ballad of Klook & Vinette – Horizon Theatre
How Black Mothers Say I Love You- Horizon Theatre

Behold the Dreamers by Imbolo Mbue
Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi
The Underground by Colton Whitehead
The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas
An American Marriage by Tayari Jones
Darktown: A Novel by Thomas Mullen

Leon’s Thankful List (1 day late)

Good Afternoon all! I apologize for being a day late, in posting my list. However, I and my family have a lot to be thankful for this year.

– Kim passed her oral boards, which was a big boulder off the families shoulders.

– Due in part to Kim passing her boards, we are officially relocating to Atlanta!!!!!!

– I’m also greatful to be able to watch Vivian grow everyday, which is amazing. She’s moving up in her classes rapidly, thanks to all of her lovely family. They always say how smart she is because she’s always being spoken to and treat like a young lady. She speaks well and is also using the potty too, which is great.

– I’m thankful for my mini trip to Chicago and the opportunity to have a guys lunch with Cory and the boys.

– I’m also thankful for the challenges I’ve endured this year with work, they’ve shown me who I am and that I can fight through anything.

– Lastly, we are thankful for the blessings to come!

– Movies I Enjoyed: Black Panther, Equalizer 2, The Greatest Showman, Creed 2 (I’m claiming it just from the preview)

Music: Anderson. Paak, Tobe Nwigwe, T.I., Logic, Travis Scott, Chance

Hit Songs: Baby Shark ( so addictive), Beauty & Essex by the Free Nationals

Peace and Love to you all. Can’t wait to see everyone at Christmas!

coree’s list from tennessee

Humdinger of a year, wasn’t it?

The biggie here is that we hosted the Thanksgiving feast for my family here at our new house this year.   I pulled out the china and everything.  This has been years in the works and it was a beautiful success.  So, thankful for that.

So glad to be writing in this year from our new house, on our new farm, up on the hill where the sun shines so good – the dream continues to unfold.  We have so much to be grateful about.   It is a pleasure to watch my daughter’s wishes realized as she works with the two horses we inherited from some dear friends.  It is a pleasure to sit with my milk cow and listen to her chew her cud.  She likes to be scratched under her chin and behind her ears.  She breathes nice and slow.  It is a pleasure to watch the goats play and eat the honeysuckle vines.  I’m thankful to have mastered the making of a really nice chevre this year.  It’s a pleasure to share this land with beaver, deer, wild turkey, and bobcats.  And it is such an amazing pleasure to watch the full moon rise out of the trees on Thanksgiving Eve.

May all beings be this blessed.

I don’t keep up with movies or music very well, but I read this book and would highly recommend it to absolutely everyone: The Power, by Naomi Alderman.

Peace be with you all.

Greg’s 2018 List

I am thankful for many, many things and these are but a few that come to mind as I look at snow covered rooftops from my man cave on this blustery beautifully frigid Thanksgiving morning:

– Having a wood guy that has a seemingly unlimited amount of cherry wood

-A working fireplace that is being put to the test at this very moment and every Sunday morning from November through March

-Retirement and the ability to travel whenever we are inspired by the prospect of new adventures or the opportunity to revisit old ones

-Train rides where we can take advantage of the opportunity to see the country pass by our window at a manageable and less hectic pace, and/or read a book and/or do nothing at all

-The mid-term’s Blue Wave that brings much needed diversity and hope for a better tomorrow

-Daughters, son-in-laws, granddaughters and grandsons (that’s right I am claiming Bayard and Gene too!!!!)

-The opportunity to spend some quality time with my mother these last few years and the family and friends that helped and supported her and us throughnthe good times and the not so good times, thank you all

-Bike rides and walks in the park

-My bike riding buddies; my friends and loved ones that catch live jazz shows and/or sporting events with me; and my peers from the legal community that periodically have lunch with me and keep me in touch with my former life

-And doing the Sunday morning puzzle in front of the fire with the one that makes life sooooo much better


Play: The Iceman Cometh on Broadway with Denzel Washington

Movie: Black Panther; Sorry To Bother You; and Antman and the Wasp with Lucy and Bea

Jazz Festival: The D.C. Jazz Festival

Books: Sing Unburied Sing by Jesyman Ward (Fiction)

Hoop Roots by John Edgar Wideman (Nonfiction)

TV Shows: Goliath; Bosch; and Jack Ryan (Amazon Prime)

Luke Cage; Daredevil; Wanderlust; Dear White People; and Jessica Jones (Netflix)


Laura’s list

This year I am so thankful for

  • My whole family being able to be together to celebrate the life of my amazing grandma.
  • Modern medicine and caring doctors and nurses
  • Readily available bags of A – blood
  • A sweet baby boy that smiles way more then he cries
  • A sweet big kid learning to jump so so far, run so so fast, and ask big questions.
  • A mom that comes to help when I need her most
  • Cory’s strength and unwavering love
  • Traveling with friends, traveling to see friends, traveling for adventure
  • Building ceramics with new and old students
  • Oceans, rivers and lakes, and always our big lake
  • Exploring nature on Chicago’s south side
  • Short term disability leave
  • A gas fire place


The Round House – Louise Erdrich

Behold the Dreamers – Imbolo Mbue

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine – Gail Honeyman




The Trouble

And always – This American Life


Buona festa del Ringraziamamento!!!


Grazie a tutti voi che avete contribuito al nostro sito di Ringraziamento. Amiamo sentirti. E se non sei riuscito a contribuire, speriamo che ti sia piaciuto leggere i post di altri. Sappi che sei amato.

Buona festa del ringraziamento! Tanti auguri a tutti voi, ai vostri amici e alle vostre famiglie! E…Buon appetito!!

Sappi che sei amato.

Baci e abbracci!



Cory’s List

  • The many blessings of Laura’s Grandmother Martha Mullkoff, who passed in her sleep the morning of 11/19
  • Eugene’s smile
  • Bayard’s imagination
  • Hugs from Laura
  • Bountiful crops of sweet potatoes
  • Real voicemail messages from people I love
  • Art made from teabags and the cool ladies who make it
  • The ability to live for 99 years and keep on ticking
  • Lin Manuel Miranda, Alexander Hamilton, and the families that travel for them
  • The “coolest museum in the werld” (Smithsonian Air and Space) and the uncles who take their nephews there
  • Pictures of trains, trains, the green line, and Metra
  • Travelers, migrants, immigrants
  • Freedom of the press
  • The persistence of relationships with siblings
  • The persistence of doctors
  • White Iron Lake
  • Comp time
  • A well made cup of coffee

Movie: Coco

TV Show: insecure

Book:  Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynn Truss (it’s been my lullaby most of the year, I read 2-3 pages and fall asleep.)

Social Media: skateboard videos on instagram

Something I heard the other day: If the only prayer I ever say is “thank you” that will be enough.

Ben’s list

So I realize I haven’t participated in this every year, but let me start with

  •  traditions
  • a family committed to such traditions
  • Spending more time with extended family
  • this year
  • (surprisingly) A Hyundai Tucson that has put as many miles, in 7 months, that got put on it in 3 years, and is still running with no real issues.
  • As well, a tiny camper that has survived those months.
  • A well traveled road and the friends and family that made it even more memorable.
  • 3 incredible traveling companions
  • Snow (please remember it is a concept I have not had a lot of in my life, though the season is young)


– sorry, I never learned to read


– A Star is Born (great soundtrack)

– Solo


– Hamilton (whaaaaat, 2nd row? Sorry, not rubbing it in, but what a great experience)

MY WIFE!!!!!!!!!!! (I know these list are not suppose to be about the obvious, but everything on my list is because of her)