Book: Huge: A Novel

Huge: A Novel Huge: A Novel by James Fuerst
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A nice little book about a wildly disturbed 12-year old boy with an anger problem.

I didn’t like the last two pages of the ending (no spoilers) and the protagonist thinks like characters in Dawson’s Creek talk – verbosely and way above their age level. Indeed many of the events of the book strike me as a little age-askew. Another off-note is the year of the setting – I might have missed it, but it doesn’t seem like 2009 to me (lack of video games, DVD, computers etc) and harkens to simpler times (the Cruiser bike) while still seeming to have a few modernistic splashes of psychology and peer pressure…

The book starts with a Marlowe/noir feel and sort of loses it as you get more into the main character, but it’s a natural progression.

Most noticeable, this is my first Overdrive ebook for the Seattle Public Library on my eReader (the other books I borrowed are waaay to long to read just now) and made for excellent vacation on/off reading.

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