40 plus 2

My due date was 2 days ago (11/5). I’m now 40 weeks plus 2 days pregnant. And nooooooo imminent signs of this baby showing up. I’m bored. And anxious. We ALL are. But in the grand scheme of things, I suppose this isn’t all that bad. I’ve been reading books, watching movies (which I seem to be having VERY bad luck in choosing), and doing a moderate amount of cooking.

At my last midwife appointment, we reviewed my actual due date, and it turns out it could be any time between 11/5 and 11/9 (based on various ultrasounds and my last period). And if both baby and I are still healthy, I could go up to 2 weeks late, which would be NOVEMBER 23RD!! Yeah, that’s right. We’re talking 16 more days I could conceivably be pregnant. That’s scary. Let’s hope it doesn’t go that long, or I may have to do something drastic, like go for a 7 mile hike and chug a bottle of castor oil.

Anyway, cross your fingers for me. And we’ll keep you posted via Facebook, Twitter, blog, cell phone, etc. With any luck, we’ll have a baby before the weekend is out (a girl can dream, right?).

Holding Down the Fort

Well G and Lucy are gone on their big adventure to Scotland leaving me alone in Seattle for a WHOLE WEEK. It actually hasn’t been half bad, especially for the 1st few days, but now I am desperate to see them! Luckily, this is the last night before they return. By the sounds of things, they’re just as anxious to return as I am to see them. This week has given me some time to take it easy, sleep a bit late, and watch some cheesy movies. I’ve also done such exciting household chores as clean the refrigerator/pantry, set up a new filing system, and get baby items set up. Whew!

As far as the new baby goes, we are definitely in the final stretch! My due date is just over 5 weeks away, which means I’ll be full term in just over 2 weeks. I don’t expect the baby to come much before the end of October, but who knows? In case you haven’t heard, my placenta did move and we’re all geared up for a normal delivery. I’m still feeling great for the most part. Granted I can’t reach my own toes or do much of anything without this massive belly getting in the way, but the side effects are pretty minor. My heartburn has actually improved the past couple weeks, and I really have yet to suffer much in the way of insomnia (fingers crossed that it stays that way!). I’m swimming 3/week, usually a mile each time and I’m loving it (much to my surprise).

I think we may have even made a decision or two about baby names. But you’ll have to wait for the arrival before I reveal them. I’m currently convinced that we’re having another girl, but anyone’s guess is as good as mine. Work is winding down and I’m in the process of interviewing for my replacement (know anyone?). In most regards, I feel physically and mentally prepared to meet this little one. Come on, baby!

New Baby

From a conversation between me and Lucy last night:

D: Are you going to be a good helper when the new baby comes?

L: Yes, I’m going to carry it because it’s my friend.

D: Do you think it’s going to be a baby girl or a baby boy?

L: Um, only just a baby.

3rd trimester!

As of last Thursday, I am FINALLY in the 3rd trimester. At present, I have just over 11 weeks until my due date (11/5.) For some reason, it feels like this pregnancy has lasted forever! The good news is, we’re less than 3 months away and I am still feeling great. I really have nothing earth-shattering to report. I’m still walking a fair bit and have started swimming laps 2-3 times/week. That’s doing wonders for my mental health and my fitness level, which is well below what I’m comfortable with. No insomnia as yet (unlike last time), although the heartburn has come on with a vengeance in the past few weeks. I’ve been chewing papaya enzyme tablets like crazy!

My belly feels HUGE (and no, I’m not planning on posting any pictures of it anytime soon!), although weight gain seems to have slowed down a bit. That’s a relief- I was beginning to think I’d pack on 60 pounds during this pregnancy. I’m eating pretty much like I normally do, with a slight increase in cheese/bread intake and a lot more fruit. Luckily for me, this year we’ve had a bumper crop of all sorts of great, local fruit- from cherries to blueberries- so it’s been easy for me to get my fix.

In a few weeks, I’ll get another ultrasound to determine if that pesky placenta has moved out of the way. Otherwise, I am definitely starting to nest. Cooking like crazy, organizing random areas of the house, and actually doing some reading about childbirth/labor. Now we just need to decide on a couple minor things- like where we’re having the baby and what to name him/her. Better get on that!

No More Belly

G has been bemoaning the fact that I no longer have a big, pregnant belly as he misses it. I can’t say I feel that way myself! I happen to be thoroughly enjoying NOT being pregnant for a change. In no particular order, the top reasons I’m happy to see the belly go away:

1. No more heartburn

2. I can lay on my stomach. AND my back.

3. I can touch my toes and tie my own shoes.

4. I can eat blue cheese. And deli meat. And sushi! (OK, I haven’t gotten around to most of these yet, but I CAN eat as much of them as I want).

5. I don’t have to go to the toilet every 20 minutes.

6. Last, but most certainly not least:

LUCY! I’m sure I’ll miss feeling her kicks, but I prefer having her on this side with us.

After a long and exciting labor, Lucy arrived late Sunday evening. The vital stats are: she was born at 10:33 pm on 1/21 weighing in at 8 pounds 14 ounces! 22 inches in length with a head circumference of 14 inches. She’s got a head full of dark hair and gorgeous eyes. We took plenty of pics but haven’t gotten around to transferring them to the computer yet. Stay tuned…I’m sure we’ll get them up in the next day or two (the grandparents insist!). We’re all home and healthy, though exhausted. It was a bit of an endurance event (43 hours) and I think all 3 of us will take a few days to recover. In the mean time, G and I are enjoying staring at our beautiful daughter for hours at a time. More updates soon.


After months of anticipation my due date is finally here. And still no sign of the baby joining us! I was convinced that Noodlehead would be early. Guess not. I wonder if my conviction that this baby is a girl is off base too?

Last week was lovely and low key. This week, I’m already bored. The freezer’s pretty full so I can’t cook too much more, the weather’s keeping me somewhat housebound and I’ve pretty much completed my to-do list. Ah well, I’m healthy and relatively comfortable so I shouldn’t really complain. This morning, G and I took an early 2-mile walk in the latest fresh snowfall. I also indulged one of my guilty pleasures by watching a super cheesy dance movie. I’m tearing through our prepaid account at the video store these days. And my stack of reading material. It’s decadent and relaxing but I’m READY, Noodlehead!! Can you hear me???