The Madness Continues

I know I should be blogging about something….what is it?…..hmmmm….work? Sadly, not much else to report. I had my 2nd full day at the new job today, and a full day it was! It was an 11-hour day crammed with training and knowledge transfer from the existing Accounting Manager. A very good day, but I’m wiped. (G being paged at 4 am last night isn’t helping matters).

In any case, I have a blessed 5 days off in a row as I head to Buffalo to see Tessa’s big ballet performance. We fly out tomorrow morning for a busy few days visiting my family and some friends. More than likely, planetdanika will be MIA until next week.

Weekend Highlights

Yesterday we were both a little run down- me from my long and crazy week, G from working until 5 am Friday/Saturday night (yes, that’s right. 5 AM). When G finally rose it was nearly 11 and we decided to go for brunch. After considering our options, we decided on Volterra. We’ve eaten dinner at Volterra a couple of times and really enjoyed it. The brunch was very good, albeit incredibly rich. G opted for a Bacon, Avocado and Green Onion Scramble and I went with the extremely decadent gorgonzola burger. I’m a sucker for blue cheese. After consuming the vast quantities of food, we hefted ourselves back to the car and drove over to Discovery Park. It was a beautiful afternoon and the park was busy. We simply walked the loop trail (slowly), felt mildly guilty about all the runners that ran past and admired a pair of eagles that flew over head.

This morning, we once again headed to Discovery, but this time we actually ran. I was keen to do another trail run after last week’s success but didn’t feel like driving all the way out to Cougar. So we set out from the house at about 9 and ran over the Ballard Locks to Discovery. Then we followed the loop around the park and back home. I reckon it’s just about an 8 mile run. G decided it wasn’t long enough and came back via the Ballard Bridge to add another mile. Discovery is definitely not in the same league as Cougar, but it’s a pretty good alternative. It felt great to go for a long run. Exhilarating. I’m looking forward to a good season this summer.

What a week!

This has been quite a week for me. It went something like this:

Monday morning: submit resume for position I learned of over the weekend.
Monday afternoon: get phone call from the company in question asking for an interview.
Monday evening: rush around trying to find interview clothes (my first job interview in 3 years) and hone my interview skills.
Tuesday morning: go for 9 am interview.
Tuesday morning: go to my regular job a couple hours late. Try to focus on the tasks at hand despite being completely distracted by new job prospect.
Tuesday afternoon: receive numerous phone calls including HR director, CFO and Accounting Manager re: the new position. Receive e mail offer letter from new company.
Tuesday night: review my options with G and decide to accept said offer. Write resignation letter to my current boss.
Wednesday morning: give notice and submit resignation letter to my current boss. Fax acceptance of the offer letter to new company. Devise schedule with both jobs for the next 2 weeks.
Thursday: train current boss in numerous aspects of my job. Begin to tie up loose ends, clean out my office and so on. In the afternoon, go to my [current] 2nd job to have an exit interview with CEO. Tie up all loose ends at THAT job and say goodbye.
Friday: go to new job. Spend all day cramming with the person I am replacing. Try to pick up as much as possible- we only have 2 days together.

By the end of the day yesterday, I was fried. This has been a VERY intense week and my life has changed pretty dramatically in a very short time. I am thrilled about the direction I’m heading in. Needless to say, I am glad we’re not away this weekend. I need some time to putter around the house, recharge my batteries and spend quality time with my husband! (not role playing interviews and discussing my career)

The next week or so will continue to be chaotic. I have Monday and Tuesday at my old job, Wednesday at my new job and Thursday we leave for Buffalo to see my family. Monday night we return from Buffalo, Tuesday and Wednesday I’m at my old job and Thursday is my first [official] day at my new job. However, I’ll still be going back to my old job the following Monday to help with billing. Yikes!

In any case, although this all happened very quickly, it seemed so effortless. I’m pretty sure this is a change that was just meant to be. Time will tell.

Out with the old and in with the new

OK, before any of you burst with anticipation, I better disclose my news. Yesterday I accepted an offer to work for a high tech company downtown. I also resigned from my current job. I’m very excited about the new company/position and will be transitioning between the 2 jobs over the next 2 weeks. As I mentioned before, this all basically happened in 48 hours and I think I’m still a little stunned. If you happen to work downtown, we’ll have to do lunch sometime soon!

The Fortune Cookie

I got a message in a fortune cookie not long ago that seemed particularly positive. It said: “You can expect a change for the better in job or status in the future.” For some reason, it struck me, and I’ve held on to it for the past 3 months. Today, it came true and hit me like a ton of bricks. In a good way. For now, I’m just saying that it’s already been a whirlwind week and it’s only Tuesday! Stay tuned for details…

A Spring Return

Yesterday I went for my first trail run since December. G and I met at Cougar Mountain in the morning with the intention of running for about an hour. One thing about all this snowboarding- it may be good exercise but it’s nowhere near as hard as running. The 1st 20 minutes of our run were all uphill and I was struggling. After that it got somewhat easier and we cruised along some of our favorite trails- Deceiver and Shy Bear. Our pace definitely wasn’t very fast, but I did find my groove about halfway into the run. I was reminded how much I love trail running! Soon I found myself leaping over fallen logs and sloshing through mud and puddles. We ended up running for 75 minutes.

For some reason there weren’t many other people out. Maybe it’s still too cold for most people. The trail was certainly muddy and a bit overgrown. I’m hoping to get out again next weekend. After our run, we commented how lucky we are to live close to such a great trail running area. I suppose we’ll try to explore some of the other places in the area at a certain point but it’s hard to pull ourselves away!


When I spoke to my darling sister Laila on the phone yesterday, she proudly announced that she was completely “Danikafied”. Apparently, when I started this blog back in October, she read the first post. She then assumed she would get an e mail if I posted anything new and never read another word. When she realized her error, she went to planetdanika and promptly settled in to read EVERY post. She assured me that while this made her “Danikafied”, she was by no means “Danika-ed” out. Oh yeah, she also told me she skimmed past most of the trail running posts. To each their own, right?

Stress Relief

What would I do for stress relief if I didn’t have running? I don’t know…maybe I’d be a heavy drinker. Fortunately for all of you, I run. Tuesday was a bad day. Wednesday was a little better. Today- well, let’s just say I’m really glad tomorrow is Friday. In any case, I went for a fabulous stress-relieving run on Tuesday. I did 5 miles, which is longer than I typically run on a weekday. It was a bit hard, but worth every minute. The improvement in my mood was dramatic. I’m hoping today’s run will have the same effect.


Yesterday was an absolutely stunning day. G and I got up early and headed out to Stevens pass to meet Rachel and Dan for a day of snowboarding/skiing. The drive through the snowy mountains was breathtaking, if a bit slow, and we met our friends around 9:30. The 4 of us decided to start the day off easy and hit the Daisy Chair. It was my 2nd day riding with my new board and my first day with a new stance. It was definitely a bit of an ‘Aha!’ day. I had ridden 8 times with a regular stance (left foot forward). Finally, after several suggestions from G, I tried riding goofy (right foot forward). What a difference! My turns started to work almost right away. I only wish I hadn’t waited so long.

We did a few runs riding Daisy, then the slightly more challenging Hogsback. But my poor legs just did not want to play! I had to break around 11 and let everyone else ride without my constant stopping. I’m not sure what the deal was but my legs were extremely tired. I didn’t mind the break too much. I chilled on the sun-drenched patio and people-watched for an hour.

After lunch, we all trekked over to the back side of the mountain. I got pretty frustrated at a certain point and yes, there were a few tears. But I made my way down to the chair lift and Rachel and I left the boys to their own devices. We made our way slowly down and relaxed in the bar until G and Dan arrived.

To be honest, I was a bit disappointed that my physical stamina wasn’t higher. I think I’m on the verge of REALLY snowboarding (and no cheating!). Too bad my body wasn’t up to the task. Either way, it was a wonderful day spent in the mountains.