Accolades for Seattle

You probably already know how much I love Seattle. In recent news, yet another reason to live here: we’ve been named “America’s Most Literate City”. We ranked high in a number of categories:

No. 1 in number of bookstores per 10,000 population.

No. 1 in education level.

No. 3 in Internet resources and usage.

No. 7 in library support, holdings and utilization.

In a completely different vein, my latest Cooking Light magazine ranks the top 20 cities for eating smart, being fit and living well. Not surprisingly, Seattle takes 1st place on this list as well. It may be rainy, but we have an awful lot to be proud of around here!

The Perfect Human?

I just came across this article about Ultra Marathon Runner, Dean Karnazes. He recently accomplished yet another crazy goal- to run 50 marathons in 50 states on 50 consecutive days. Wired magazine calls him “The Perfect Human”. Personally, I think he’s totally insane. Yes, the human body is capable of amazing things, but what’s the point of pushing yourself so hard? I don’t get his motivation, but I do find him strangely inspirational. And I did enjoy his book, minus the shameless self-promotion. Anyway, I’ll let you be the judge, but he does have some interesting points. The 1st in his 12 secrets of success: “Be Audacious”. I like that.

Full Term!!

I am now 37 weeks pregnant. In other words, I’ve reached full term. If I have the baby now, it won’t be considered premature. I think we’re in the zero to 5 week zone now (if I haven’t delivered by 42 weeks, I’ll likely be induced), thus it’s the “any day now” time frame. Yikes! For some reason, I’m feeling completely freaked out about that today. It seems a whole lot more real than it has and also imminent. I’ve more or less kicked the head cold (thank God!) and am feeling totally fine otherwise. Today was my first full day at work in over a week and I thought to myself that it would be kind of nice to get back into my routine. Then I stopped and realized- there will be very little time to get back in to any routine. Both this week and next week will be 4 day work-weeks and then I’m done! I’m feeling a bit checked out at work already. I promise to get some pictures of the belly up in the next couple of days. We’ve been so busy that it’s fallen by the wayside. Though truthfully, I don’t think I’ve gotten much bigger in recent weeks. Stay tuned for further developments on Noodlehead’s arrival.

“30 year old female, sore throat”

After 6 days of an extremely sore throat, I finally broke down and went to the doctor. Between the sore throat, other cold symptoms and lack of sleep, I’m not very functional. Unfortunately, as it’s a holiday, G and I were forced to use the ER at our local hospital. It’s only the 2nd time I’ve ever been in an ER and the wait was looooonnngg. We left 3 hours later with confirmation that I do not have strep throat and not much else. Oh well, at least I know I don’t need antibiotics. While there, I was referred to as “30 year old female, sore throat”. Oh, and they made sure to “diagnose” my pregnancy. Glad we cleared THAT mystery up!

Movie Selections

I’m on a roll with choosing and renting very bad movies. Last night was no exception. Fortunately, I rented FOUR DVDS just in case. We watched the new release first- “The Last Kiss”. It was billed as a comedy but G and I literally couldn’t come up with one funny part. I liked “The Garden State” and expected something similar. This was just an hour and 50 minutes of unhappy people in messed-up relationships shouting at each other. How uplifting. G has hereby nicknamed Zach Braff as Zach “Barf”. And he’s also suggested I NOT be in charge of movie rentals for a while.

Sick and Tired

I suppose we don’t normally have control over these things but I don’t recommend combining insomnia with illness. No fun. I just have a pesky head cold which hit me yesterday. Not a big deal except for the fact that I was completely unable to sleep Monday night and Tuesday. By the time yesterday evening rolled around, I was rather cranky.

Oh well, I wised up and called in sick today. And thankfully have been able to sleep with no problems. After staying in bed till about 9, I managed 2 more hour long naps….and that was before lunch!

I think the stress of the holidays, imminent baby, and leaving work is finally getting to me. I started training my replacement at work on Monday- I forgot how draining that can be! The plus side is I have less than 3 weeks left at work. And the holidays are damn near over. My body is definitely not up to the pace we’ve been keeping of late. Hopefully this rest day will catch me up to normal.

35 week update

G and I had a great midwife appointment this week. We covered a lot of ground and filled up the full hour-long appointment with no trouble. All systems are checking out normal. Noodlehead’s not only head down but facing the right direction (for easiest passage through the pelvis). The heartbeat was so strong that the little Doppler machine was vibrating while we listened! I’m measuring slightly smaller this week- closer to 34 weeks- but that is likely because the baby has moved lower. I also lost a pound since my last check bringing me to 26 pounds up. I still feel great, other than the somewhat increased heartburn. No complaints otherwise.

G and I are making great strides in crossing things off the “To Do Before Baby Comes” list. The skylight installation project is nearly done (we’re paying someone else to do that!) and this upcoming weekend we’ll attempt to install a banister in the upstairs stairwell. 33 days and counting. Is anyone else as excited as I am?

Top TV quotes

I’m not much of a TV-watcher. I often find myself out of the loop when it comes to references to popular shows or commercials. So while many of these quotes are lost on me, there are a few that I relate to. I even use some of these quotes in daily life (most notably, “Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout, Willis?”, which I think I said yesterday). Check out TVLand’s complete list of the 100 Greatest TV quotes of all time.