She Runs!

I went for a nice, brisk 4-mile walk this afternoon while G watched Lucy. Halfway home, I decided to try running. I only went for about 8 minutes (3/4 mile) but it felt surprisingly great. It was the 1st time I’ve run in over 5 months- the last time was in mid-October. I was 6 months pregnant and ran around Green Lake. Today’s run was much shorter but funnily enough I ran at about the same pace as I did in October (10 1/2 min./mile). I was definitely not wearing the right bra (my nursing breasts need a lot more support) but otherwise I felt no pain. I’m totally jazzed about running again. I got my first taste of “the buzz” in a long time. I’m already plotting when I can get out for a “real” run soon.

2 months old!

My baby is 2 months old! How did that happen so quickly? Although I can’t believe she’s 8 weeks old, I must admit that laboring and delivering Lucy seems a distant memory. On Monday we went to her pediatrician for the official 2 month visit. She shocked us all by being UNDER 12 pounds (just barely at 11 pounds 15 ounces). G and I were sure she’d be closer to 12 1/2. Her length is 23 1/2 inches putting her in perfect proportion at the 75th percentile for both height and weight.

She had her 1st round of vaccinations, which was somewhat traumatic for us all. 3 days later, she’s back to her normal smiling, sweet-natured self. Lucy continues to enchant us all and her latest captive audience is Granny W. who is here visiting us from Scotland for a week. I recently spoke to a friend who I hadn’t heard from in a while. He asked me to describe motherhood and I couldn’t help but gush with the adoration and awe I feel for Lucy. There’s something that seems perfect and untainted about a mother’s love for her child, n’est-ce pas? I don’t think she has completely shut out my interest in other things, but she’s most definitely center stage for now.

Organic vs. Local

Interesting debate. The author of this article wonders if it’s better to eat a local non-organic apple or an organic apple that’s been shipped thousands of miles. Ultimately, he decides the local option is better. His conclusion: “You are where you eat.”

Babies in Restaurants

Babies in Restaurants. Hot topic in Seattle these days. I like the author’s suggestion of restaurants offering “family nights”. Although there are also plenty of establishments that label themselves family-friendly every day of the week. I expect we’ll get to know these places quite well in the coming months.

Big Eyes

Big Eyes
Not enough photos I hear you cry!
Ok, here is a a new set on flickr: Lucy X. Mostly a collection of photos from the last week including a) attempting to catch the girl smile, b) hiking at little Si, c) some potential passport shots and d) bathtime.
I’m using a new memory card in my camera, however, and either its playing up or the camera is dying as 25% of photos are corrupt – so the selection is a little eclectic. Enjoy, regardless.

Lucy hits the Trails

Lucy’s been begging us to take her hiking. So this weekend we broke down and gave in to her request. No really, G and I have been dying to get out of the city. On Sunday we packed up our girl, along with various accessories (i.e. the Baby Bjorn and a Camelbak filled with snacks, first aid kit and diapers) and drove out to North Bend. We tackled Little Si for our 1st hike with the baby. It’s 5 miles round trip and relatively steep in parts (our book doesn’t list the actual elevation gain). Both G and I were surprised at our lack of fitness- we were huffing and puffing quite a bit. But we made it to the top of the “mountain” in about an hour. Although it was nearly 60 degrees, there was a bit of a wind at the top and we didn’t linger long. All in all, it was a great experience. G and I got some much-needed fresh air and exercise. We also started adding to our repertoire of skills- changing diapers in the back of the car, breastfeeding in random places, and so on. Now the two of us have an awful lot of work to do in order to get in shape for this half marathon in July!

Update: G added this picture:

Hiking at Little Si II