How Many Starbucks are there in Manhattan?

171. And could you visit all of them in one day? Mark Malkoff does it in this very funny video (note: it’s 10 minutes long). He has to purchase something (and consume part of the purchase) at each store. In order to complete the task in one day, he must visit a store every seven minutes. My favorite part of this it that he accidentally visits 6 stores TWICE, making his total Starbucks visits 177. Total spent is surprisingly low at $369.

You might wonder how many Starbucks there are in the city of Seattle? A quick search of their site turns up 103. Anyone want to take the challenge on for our fair city?

No Pain, No Gain

Yesterday’s trail run was listed as a 5/5 on both the “pain” and the “gain” scales in my trail running book. This means it was both extremely strenuous and highly rewarding. My group did the Melakwa Lake/Pratt Lake loop off exit 47 on I-90. It’s a 14-mile loop in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. The scenery was utterly stunning as we ran past multiple Alpine lakes.

This week’s run was about a million times better than last week’s. I took the lesson to heart about eating and drinking enough and yesterday finished strong. I carried more water and Gatorade, ate a PB&J sandwich mid-run and tried salt tablets (to help balance electrolytes). I felt like I could continue on for a few miles and am hardly even sore today. The terrain was incredibly technical and challenging. My book described the “overgrown” section of a couple miles in the middle of the run by mentioning the stinging nettles and berry bushes that obscure the path. Add to this the fact that the trail is riddled with rocks both large and small and that there are many holes in the path. My ankles turned a few times and I was COVERED in mud by the end of the day.

But man, it was a glorious run. NOW I’m starting to feel like this race is within reach. I still have a fair bit of training to get up to 50K but I can see that I’ll get there. Although I still feel like I somehow don’t belong with this group. Hopefully by October, I’ll have convinced myself that I AM an ultra runner.

I Love Lucy

Is it possible to love your child TOO much? If so, I am guilty as sin. I am completely, utterly, head-over-heels in love with Lucy. I suppose I’ve always loved her. From the moment I found out I was pregnant, when she was still known as Noodlehead. And once she was born, the love changed and grew as she was now a real person I could attach those feelings to. But these past few weeks, I am astounded at the strength of my feelings. Could I possibly love this girl any more?

Do all mothers feel this way about their children? It’s not like a romantic love, yet it has an intimacy and tenderness far beyond the love I feel for friends and other family. There are so many things I adore about Lucy, and there are no negative aspects to our “relationship”.

Probably my favorite thing is sleeping with Lucy. I could spend endless hours with our bodies curled together. She lays nestled into the crook of one arm while my other arm is draped lightly over her midsection. I should be sleeping too, but often I gaze at her long eyelashes, which brush her cheeks or watch her little chest rise and fall with her shallow breath.

I love her noises. She can’t speak, of course, but she coos and gurgles and blows raspberries. She shrieks and laughs and squeals. She giggles and grunts and sighs. Oh, the sounds she makes.

She has perfect skin and bright, shiny eyes. You’ve seen the pictures- you know what I mean. Those eyes display everything. She’s not shy, but completely comfortable in this world. Happy to meet new faces and greets everyone with a smile. She has such LIGHT in her personality.

My little girl is 6 months old this week. I am sure she will always delight and amaze me. But just now, there is something so COMPLETE about my love for her. Undoubtedly, she will break my heart in a thousand small ways over the years. In the mean time, I am filled with pride and joy and if my heart gets any bigger, I think it may just burst.