Time Marches On

Lucy is 7 months old. Eee gads. She’s developing at a dizzying pace- I can barely keep up with all the “firsts”. Today a co-worker and I were discussing the temperament and personality of babies and how early that is determined. It is so clear to me what Lucy’s salient traits are: she’s most definitely happy, easy-going and social. I think she may also have a bit of a stubborn streak and she really likes to be “part of the action”.

She now has two teeth, and I’m sure more are on the way. She does not crawl yet but is getting onto all fours and rocking back and forth. She can easily push backwards and manages to get around rather quickly, much to my dismay! She’s had quite a few foods: avocado, carrot, rice cereal, nectarine and a small taste of both banana and blueberry. This past week Lucy went on her first plane (as well as her 2nd, 3rd and 4th!). She also rode in a taxi and took a train. She’s very vocal and says both mamamamamamamam and dadadadadadadadad all the time. I don’t know that this necessarily refers to G and I but I know she’s communicating something. She also has a new way to let us know she is unhappy- she blows raspberries at us. Whenever she is fed up, done eating, or annoyed she uses this method to let us know. And boy, does she! Yesterday, G took her for a run in the jogging stroller. She let him know how unhappy she was by blowing raspberries (and crying) non-stop until he took her out.

We spent the past week visiting my family on the east coast. Lucy traveled well, though it was a bit of a drain for G and I. It was great to spend time with our loved ones and so sweet to see people light up around Lucy (notably my Dad, who adores her). She dazzled everyone with her easy smile and managed to stay in relatively good spirits despite few naps. Now that we have an idea how this works, G and I are beginning to plan other getaways.

In the mean time, we are completely caught up in watching our little beauty unfold. How lucky we are.

Scraping By

G’s been on my case to write some real blog posts. I know you’re just here to look at pictures of Lucy anyway, but if I have at least one reader…

Life’s been hectic. This trail running hobby is time consuming. Last weekend, I had to skip the group training run as it was Laila’s last day in town. I did a 22-mile road run on Sunday instead. I was reminded yet again of the differences between road and trail running: 1) road running gets boring. Especially after 22 miles. 2) Road running is harder on your body. My knee was really bugging me for a few days afterwards. 3) Road miles are SO much easier than trail miles in terms of effort and time. My 22-mile road run took about 3 1/2 hours. A few weeks back it took me about the same amount of time to run THIRTEEN trail miles. Slightly more than half the distance, but it was one heck of a workout.

In any case, the training is progressing really well. Yesterday’s run was out at Cougar Mountain. I did something between 19 and 22 miles (GPS versus trail descriptions). Check out my stats. It took roughly 4 hours and 18 minutes. Lesson of the week: do not eat salad for dinner the night before a big run! I did not have enough carbs/calories to keep me going. I managed to catch up on calories eventually by eating sports gels, jelly beans, animal crackers, a Pay Day candy bar, and some other type of power bar. And that was all during the run. Then I descended on some post-run goodies that were set up in the parking lot- muffins, pretzels, watermelon, etc. When you burn 2,000-plus calories in a workout you need to put a lot of fuel in your body. The run itself was quite nice, although I took a big tumble about 7 miles into it. I was alone at the time and got a bit of a fright, though it really wasn’t too bad. I just have a huge scrape down one arm and my knees look positively scary. When I got home it took me about a half hour to clean the dirt out of my wounds. If I can tack on another 10ish miles to yesterday’s workout, I’ll be at the race distance (31 miles). 8 weeks and counting…

6 months, baby!

Little Lucy is 6 months old and finally had her check up at the doctor’s office this week. She’s now 17 pounds, 3 ounces and 26 1/2 inches long. That means she’s maintaining at the 75th percentile for both height and weight. They pronounced her in perfect health and all seemed well until she got those shots. 2 days later, she seems back to her normal self but yesterday was a rough day!

In other news, SHE HAS A TOOTH! Watch out world.