Too Busy

As I’ve said here, I’ve been scaling back on commitments in my life. One of which, is reading blogs. I’ve been gradually cutting back on my feeds and only reading the ones I get something out of. Similarly, you may have noticed a lack of blog posts here. Well, I guess life has been too busy to post. Yesterday, for instance. Lucy and I had swim class in the morning. We came home afterwards and holed up as the weather was awful. We spent the day lounging around the house, watching snow fall out our front window. And later, we watched it melt. I baked some cookies.

In the late afternoon, my mom and Greg arrived from Vancouver. We all went to Tutta Bella, our favorite kid-friendly spot for dinner, and then played a gruesome game of Scrabble at home. See? No time for blogging.

I jest. But seriously, it’s a bit lower on my list of priorities these days. Don’t be surprised if the lack of posting continues.

I do have a few recipes to post. When I have time.

And Lucy? She’s amazing and beautiful and stops my heart every time she snuggles into me or smiles my way. She spent the week blowing countless kisses and practicing lots of new words. She followed her daddy around all day today and played shy when we had some visitors for tea. Her walking is coming along- she seems so confident.

My life is so full.

She breathes a contented sigh.

New Skills

How could I forget them? Among Lucy’s other newly acquired skills: she can now give a “high five” and is able to point at her bottom when she has a poopy diaper. Smart, huh?

A Quick Trip East

Tessa as Cinderella

I just returned from a very brief trip to Buffalo to visit my family. The main reason for my visit was to see my sister Tessa, the ballerina, perform the title role in Cinderella. She was amazing. Truly breathtaking. In her own words, she said it was the best week of her life (rehearsing, partnering, dancing). It showed; she lit up the stage like a 100-watt bulb.

I took a couple videos (against the rules) and have posted them both to YouTube. They’re not very good, but I know Tessa will watch them repeatedly as she analyzes the ins and outs of her performance. Most of my pictures are on my mother’s camera, but here are a handful from the weekend.

All in all, it was a great trip. I managed to see all kinds of family that I didn’t expect to and squeezed in some quality time with both my parents and sisters. The hardest part of the weekend, of course, was being away from Lucy for 3 days. She and G came to get me at the airport earlier and when she saw me she turned and buried her face into G’s chest. It took her at least 5 minutes to start smiling and talking to me. I think it was mostly confusion, but it was sad that she didn’t respond to me immediately. We came home and had a particularly mellow afternoon of reacquainting. We all napped, then went to the park and played on the swings and did some “drawings” with crayons. I was most impressed when Lucy started using a new sign (for “water”) and showing off her new skills such as blowing kisses. I love when she makes the “mmmmaahhh” sound for a kiss.

In any case, I’m jet-lagged and a bit spaced from my very early morning. And boy, does air travel these days suck or what? They charged for the fricking BLANKET on my first flight. Geesh! But I’m home now, with Lucy snoozing softly through the baby monitor, the wind chimes blowing in the rain/wind, and Tessa’s luminescence shining through the pictures I carried home with me.

The Sacajawea Theory

Ha! I love it. “The Sacajawea Theory, in short, is that all newborn babies really need is boobs. Everything else is just marketing.”

Too true. 13 plus months later, I can think of a few things that never (or rarely) got used. The swing (though Lucy did love the bouncy chair). The plastic bath tub. Too many clothes/blankets. Crib- we still don’t have one. And don’t get me started on toys. Seriously. How many stuffed toys does one baby need?!

On the flip side, the things we used the heck out of: the co-sleeper, Baby Bjorn/Moby wrap, jogging stroller, breast pump.

What do you all think? What ranks as utterly useless baby crap?


It’s been a pretty quiet weekend here at Chez W – especially for G who ended up being super lazy on Sunday.
L’s first walking weekend was just the normal mix of excitement – bike riding, bathtime, playing in the kitchen, going to the park, and playing in the garden for the first time since she grew up.
See it all at Lucy LV.

And She’s Off

OK, it’s only a matter of hours after my earlier post, and the girl is officially walking. As in several steps at once. One side of the room to the other. Repeatedly. Wow. I’m glad I was home with her today as I was able to watch. G came home early and she walked for him first thing. Aw, gee. She is definitely firmly established in “toddlerhood”.

New Words

Lucy’s newest words: “Baby” and “nana” (as in, banana). She’s also taking a few steps every day. Not exactly stringing them together to cross a room, but I’ve seen her take 3 in a row. I’m sure she’ll be fully walking soon. Oh boy!