Playing with Lucy

Coy Lucy
I’ll be the first to admit that these aren’t the greatest photos ever. But Lucy and I were having so much fun, and you can really appreciate her mood in these shots. The two of us were just rolling around on the ground and playing. Perfect way to spend an afternoon.

Happy Earth Day!

To get you in the spirit of things, here are “50 Ways to Help the Planet“. I’m guessing most of you do these already. The latest thing we’re doing in our household: unplugging all those chargers when they’re not actually charging anything! With all the cell phone, camera and ipod chargers in our house, we used to just leave them plugged in. And they still drain electricity that way. Oops! I may be doing most (or all) of the 50 on this list, but I am always striving to find new ways to make little changes. Any other fresh ideas?

Lucy Not Happy

Lucy Not Happy
We’ve been bad parents recently. Not taking many pictures of our super-cute very-much-walking girl. Who also has an attitude. Here is a photo of her in action, where she wants to go outside.
More photos in the future, but not at the moment.

9-year old rides the subway

I actually kind of agree with this woman, who let her 9-year old son find his own way home on the NYC subway. One the other hand, I think I’d be too terrified to try it. But you never know. Of course, Lucy’s only a little thing, so I have a few more years to get used to the idea.

Mt Si Relay Race Report

Relay Race Handoff

Yesterday I ran in my first relay race. I filled in last minute for an injured friend so I wasn’t exactly training for it. But I managed to sweet-talk G into letting me have the day “off” and rose at 5 am to head east. The race was in Snoqualmie, in the shadow of Mt Si. I was runner #1 (and runner #6) and had the unenviable task of starting the race at 7 am. We set off in a pack and I quickly passed most of the women and a few men. I actually ran side by side with one guy for about 20 minutes. Not one word was uttered between us. Weird.

Anyway, the first leg was 7.9 miles and I finished it in about one hour and 2 minutes (7:53 pace). Not too bad, though I half expected to be faster as it was mostly downhill. In any case, the next 3 hours were spent madly dashing between exchanges. We all piled in and out of Doug’s Suburban and my legs quickly got tight. I also managed to eat about 1000 calories after my first run. I couldn’t seem to eat enough!

My second leg of the race was up soon enough. Fortunately this one was much shorter- only 4.4 miles. It was also completely dull and there were no other runners around. I was VERY hot- should have taken my top layer off. Somehow, despite jello legs, I kicked my pace up to 7:40 and ran the segment in 33:50.

I was REALLY glad to be done- that was the advantage of being first. I got to cheer on my teammates as well as all the 50K and 50-mile runners. What an impressive crew: the age range was amazing. I’m sure there were a few guys out there in their 70s or 80s.

I didn’t know quite what to expect with the relay race, but it was a great event. Most people were not doing it “to win” and the spirit was very noncompetitive. Everyone was cheering for each other and Ali rang the damn cowbell so much she gave herself a headache. I’m both a) excited and b) scared to death about running Ragnar in July. 3 legs, one run over night for a total mileage of around 30. Now THAT’S going to hurt!

I haven’t uploaded my pictures yet, but here’s one that Doug took. That’s me handing off to Scott at the start of leg 7.

More New Words

Lucy is adding new words almost daily. Today: moon, yummy, and apple. Admittedly, if you didn’t have me to translate, you’d probably not know what she was saying. But we’ve been doing lots of practice and repetition. She’s getting quite good at repeating after me. And she definitely knows what she’s saying. I need to make a list of what she can say thus far, before I forget. My parents made a list of my words when I was about 2 and I love looking back at it. Apparently “Oh damn” was one of my first phrases. Lovely. Lucy is by no means stringing words together into phrases or sentences yet. But we’re on the right track.