Whistler, baby!

Aaaahhhhh……Whistler. We are at the end of our first week in our very own place in Whistler. It’s fantastic. The beds are both enormous and incredibly comfortable. The views are stunning. The kitchen is well equipped and the location is superb. I have no complaints. Except maybe the weather. It is the pits. Rain every day. Some of the days haven’t even broken 60 degrees! Geesh, what happened to summer?

Ah well, we are doing our best to enjoy it, despite the weather. This morning we went for a short waterfall hike with Lucy. Amazingly, we didn’t even get wet. We also visited the library; Lucy went crazy but mostly with the toys and not the books. While Lucy napped, I went for a run in the rain and then a quick trip to the hot tub. Now I’m relaxing on the couch with a Stella Artois and the US Open on TV. That’s pretty typical of our days this week. G’s been mountain biking a couple times. We entertained Cory and Laura for a day and a half over the weekend. We had one family bike ride and a trip to the awesome indoor swimming pool in town. That’s about it. Lucy has slept surprisingly well, and therefore so have I. It’s a blessed thing, as I really needed some good sleep.

We are totally thrilled to have this place to retreat to. We are looking forward to lots of trips up here in the next few years. With any luck, we’ll get better weather. And if not, we’ll be happy to cozy up with a good book and gaze out at the mountains.

The Chatterbox

Lucy is quite the chatterbox these days. She’s acquired a multitude of new words over the past few weeks and many of her phrases are incredibly cute. Here are a few things coming out of her mouth: fun (and ‘it’s fun’), airplane (replacing ‘plane’), beach, see ya later, sorry, owwie, chicken, hot dog, see it, egg!, down me (i.e. ‘put me down’), no boobie (said to Daddy after some chest groping), alright, thumb, and Idon’twantnostinkingriceandbeansDaddygivemeastrawberrygranolabarnow (interpreted by G).

In other Lucy-news, she continues her streak as a serious carnivore. She can eat an entire sausage/hot dog and regularly prefers meat to most other food. She was a wonderful traveler, all things considered, and took very well to all of my family members. She is VERY into drawing and will make her artwork on paper, people and other objects indiscriminately. Lucy continues to love dogs, and spent last week cuddling incessantly with my mother’s extremely stinky pooch with no evidence that she was off-put by the smell. Perhaps most heart-wrenching is her propensity for cuddling and kisses. I ADORE it when she throws her arms around my neck and pulls me in for a hug. And those kisses. So sweet. Please don’t ever let her grow out of this.

Why Phelps is so Fast

Is anyone else obsessed with the Olympics this year? It’s hard to be obsessed when you don’t have a TV, but I’m trying! While I was back east, I managed to catch a few events on TV and they were almost universally amazing. But I couldn’t help but wonder why so many swimmers were setting world records. It seemed a bit fishy. I mean, really: Michael Phelps won 8 gold medals and set 5 world records?! It’s downright implausible. But this article sheds some light on why he’s so darn fast. And, did anyone see Usain Bolt win the 100m and 200 m dash?! This guy is phenomenal (with an ego to match).


We’re home after a lovely trip east. We’re tired and smelly, but we survived the flights, border crossings, cab rides, and rental car. There were visits with old friends, birthday celebrations, wine tastings, some bike riding, a few runs, a surprise party, and lots of quality time with my family.

There will be many photos to come. All in good time. It feels darn good to be home. Lucy is sleeping upstairs, while G and I unpack. The baby monitor is emitting it’s familiar crackle while we polish off some red wine. Not a bad way to unwind from vacation.