New Headers

With a bucketload of chores to do tonight I digressed into producing new (additional) headers for planetdanika.

The last touch of love was on January 2nd.

Tonight’s new headers:

This time around we only retired one header (although in the review, some of the retirees from last time were discovered to be…. not so retired):

Hello, hello! Buy! Sell! Eat!

Hello, hello! Buy! Sell! Eat!
Weather was kinda bad for our Whistler vacation so the pictures aren’t wonderfully “outdoor” – apart from this one day view from our deck.
Lucy’s photo kinda shows the exciting home activities we got up to.
Our new place looks kinda like this, and this. You can tell we have wifi as D’s internet addiction continues.
Here’s the rest, with a couple of Gordon mtb photos too.