Chalk 2

Chalk 2
“Where are the Lucy pictures?” I hear you cry! (Actually you normally just annoy Danika).
Well, I’m looking at 498 from October, about another hundred from my Mum and Brian’s camera, and…. these 4 from September that somehow never got posted.
Consider them a teaser.

Change Me!

Scene from last night, around 5am:

Lucy gets out of her bed and comes into our room, calling “diaper! diaper!” We assume she must need to be changed. I look up groggily to see her standing beside the bed. Naked. No diaper and her pajamas just dangling at her feet. She’s holding a clean diaper in her hands, and still saying “diaper!”. When I took her next door to her room, I discovered that she had already removed her dirty diaper and put it in the diaper pail. I put the clean one on and she went back to bed without incident. G and I were REALLY glad it wasn’t a poopy diaper. I really wonder what was going through that little brain…

All’s Quiet on the Blogging Front

It feels like ages since I’ve blogged. It HAS been a long time. I apologize. I have no excuse. Just not much to say, I guess. And that’s OK with me. Some of you have gotten on my case about the lack of Lucy photos. We haven’t been taking many, but will likely rectify that a bit in the coming weeks (family visits, holidays, etc.). What else is happening here? I’m barely running at all (about twice a week) due to an old back injury resurfacing. I’m utterly riveted by the political landscape these days, but I won’t bore you with my thoughts. Plenty of other people are writing about this election in a much more intelligent way. Hmmm…what else? It feels like fall. The air is cool and the leaves are changing. I’m in the mood for heavy sweaters, cups of tea, and steaming bowls of soup.

By way of Lucy news, well, the kid is just pretty darn amazing. But if you’re reading my blog, you probably already agree! She is talking like CRAZY- all sorts of sentences and phrases are coming out of that little mouth. She says things like “I’ll do it!” and “I see it, airplane!”. I think her words may be too many for me to list anymore, though she’s recently added “sore”, “tail”, “lawnmower”, “working”, and “kitchen”. G and I are often amazed at her level of comprehension and expression. Continuing in the same vein, she adores animals of ALL kinds (dolphins! gorillas! lions! turtles!) and is quite the cuddler/kisser/snuggler. Let me tell you, this girl is going to be TROUBLE when she’s older. Oh, and she’s getting quite good at singing- current faves are “The Wheels on the Bus”, “Are you Sleeping ” (aka Frere Jacques), and “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. Again, sorry for the silence. We’re just savoring this deeelightful time with Lucy.