20 week update

I passed the 20-wk mark in my pregnancy late last week, which means I am HALFWAY THERE. Wow. It sure is flying by this time. I guess being insanely busy with house stuff has something to do with that! In any case, G and I went for the “big” ultrasound Thursday morning. It’s always cool to see the little one swimming around in there, but this one is special- they spend 45 minutes checking just about everything you can think of- from brain structures, to kidneys to appendages. (And yes, our baby has 10 fingers, 10 toes, and all the other things it should). The only finding that wasn’t perfect was that my placenta is lying over the cervix- a condition known as placenta previa. Odds are something like 90% that it will move as my uterus grows. We’ll check again in 10 weeks to be sure.

Otherwise, all systems are in order. The first trimester yukkiness seems to be (finally) 100% gone and I have as much energy as you can expect for a pregnant woman. I haven’t been running at all, which is bumming me out a bit, but there has been NO opportunity for that sort of thing the past few weeks. Luckily, I’ve been able to walk 2-3+ miles most days, so I’m not losing ALL muscle tone. My appetite is sky-rocketing and my weight is along for the ride. Actually, I gained about 7 pounds in 3 weeks earlier this month and was a little freaked out about it. The following week I lost 1, so it averaged out to 6 pounds for the month. Not QUITE so bad.

That pretty much sums it up. Lucy has been mimicking me by putting her baby doll inside her clothes at bedtime. She’s also adopted certain other stuffed animals as baby brothers/sisters. She’s definitely gearing up for it! I can feel the baby kicking quite a bit, but so far neither G nor Lucy has been able to. Hopefully soon. If the 2nd half of my pregnancy feels anything like the 1st, this baby will be here in no time!

What Have We Gotten Ourselves Into??

Well, I may have said I was going to start blogging more, but um, that was before the whole “house” thing came up. Needless to say, we will be spending about 110% of our free time working on the house. Blogging will likely be low on the priority list. But if anything earth-shattering happens (i.e. we buy a house!), I’ll keep you posted.

Commence Nesting Now

At 18+ weeks into this pregnancy, the nesting has started! As have the hormones. Oy. I spent a day at home on Wednesday and did such crazy things as clean out my freezer and tackle the mountain of paperwork on my table. I got TONS done, but still did relatively little from my very large to do list.

And yes, the pregnancy hormones are here. I’m not normally a very emotional person. But lately, I’ve found myself tearing up over the smallest things. I haven’t turned into a complete blubbering idiot yet – I’m sure that is on the horizon, though. My last pregnancy I can recall bursting into tears upon bumping my head and other such things. Poor G. I think he was freaked out quite a few times by these sudden and INTENSE outbursts.

I’m a veritable bread and cheese MACHINE these days. I think about 75% of my diet is comprised of these 2 foods. If I could justify eating grilled cheese sandwiches for every meal, I probably would. Otherwise, I’m not eating much differently than normal. I still haven’t taken one single picture of the belly, but suffice it to say- it is large. Stay tuned.