2 1/2 big ones!

Lucy officially hit the 2 1/2 year mark this past Tuesday, although I’ve been calling her 2 1/2 for a few months already. (She, on the other hand, usually says she is “3” when asked her age). Either way, it marked our now semi-annual check up visit with her pediatrician and was a good opportunity to review her progress. Official stats: she’s just over 28 pounds and 35 inches tall. Compared to her peers, she’s pretty average, if not a bit small. Her doc and I chatted extensively about her language skills, sleep habits and social interactions- she’s doing well on all counts. Most notable are her verbal skills, which continue to impress us, her teachers, and various other adults.

In related news, she informed me Wednesday evening that she was no longer going to wear diapers. So potty training time is here, whether we like it or not! Frankly, I think the timing is great: it’s mid-summer so running around naked should help a bit. Plus I’d be most happy if she managed to be potty trained before the new babe arrives. I think she’s had 2 or 3 accidents since then, but mostly she’s doing great! I stocked up on new underpants yesterday and she is thrilled with her new big girl “knickers”. Of course, we haven’t had a successful “poo” in the potty yet. She and I spent about 20 minutes trying this morning but no luck. Hopefully she fared a bit better at school.

She’s completely attached to her “pink baby” (or “p.b.”) lately as well as being mostly a daddy’s girl. She has dropped the childlike “mommy” and “daddy”- we are now “Mom” and “Dad”. As in, “hey, Mom! I need your help.” I’m not thrilled with this development; it makes me feel she is growing up way too fast! Speaking of which, her teachers asked us this week if we wanted an open space in the next class up (Kookaburas). The age range is 3-4 and when she moves in September, she’ll be the youngest by a good 4 months. We decided to go ahead with it, but keep a close eye on the transition. My biggest concern is that she’ll be intimidated (and/or hurt) by the “big kids”. But otherwise, I think it’s a good move. Have I mentioned that our girl us growing up?! Gulp.

More Buffalo

Greg, Mima, Lucy and Kim
Now that G and I have both posted my mother’s pictures from the Buffalo trip (oops), I guess I should go ahead and put my own up too. They’re not as good, but at least they show the girl actually interacting with other folks! They also include a little high school reunion I had with various friends at the beach. Lucy and I had a wonderful time back east. The weather was great and we had a lot of quality, relaxing time with my family. Thanks to all of you who cooked for us, hosted us, joined us for a meal or drove us to the airport!

Happy Girl

These pictures were actually taken by my mom (with Greg’s camera) on our recent trip to Buffalo. They’re basically all of Lucy- some great shots here. She’s a happy girl, huh?