Holding Down the Fort

Well G and Lucy are gone on their big adventure to Scotland leaving me alone in Seattle for a WHOLE WEEK. It actually hasn’t been half bad, especially for the 1st few days, but now I am desperate to see them! Luckily, this is the last night before they return. By the sounds of things, they’re just as anxious to return as I am to see them. This week has given me some time to take it easy, sleep a bit late, and watch some cheesy movies. I’ve also done such exciting household chores as clean the refrigerator/pantry, set up a new filing system, and get baby items set up. Whew!

As far as the new baby goes, we are definitely in the final stretch! My due date is just over 5 weeks away, which means I’ll be full term in just over 2 weeks. I don’t expect the baby to come much before the end of October, but who knows? In case you haven’t heard, my placenta did move and we’re all geared up for a normal delivery. I’m still feeling great for the most part. Granted I can’t reach my own toes or do much of anything without this massive belly getting in the way, but the side effects are pretty minor. My heartburn has actually improved the past couple weeks, and I really have yet to suffer much in the way of insomnia (fingers crossed that it stays that way!). I’m swimming 3/week, usually a mile each time and I’m loving it (much to my surprise).

I think we may have even made a decision or two about baby names. But you’ll have to wait for the arrival before I reveal them. I’m currently convinced that we’re having another girl, but anyone’s guess is as good as mine. Work is winding down and I’m in the process of interviewing for my replacement (know anyone?). In most regards, I feel physically and mentally prepared to meet this little one. Come on, baby!