4 weeks

Our baby Bea has been with us for 4 whole weeks! It seems to be going by so quickly, but we are starting to adjust to life as a foursome. Bea is doing very well in all regards and we’ve had no issues whatsoever. Lucy absolutely ADORES Bea, and is constantly thinking of ways to help. Lucy is clearly picking up on how G and I comfort the baby- we have witnessed her stroking Bea’s head and saying “It’s okay,” and “hi sweetie pie.” One morning, Lucy came to kiss Bea goodbye and whispered, “Goodbye, Beatrix, my love.” It’s true; we are all quite taken with our little girl and it’s especially sweet to see it reflected by Lucy.

I had forgotten what it was like to have another person so wholly dependent on you for survival. There is something unique to being the mother in all this as you are the sole source of food. Bea, of course, recognizes both G and Lucy, but there is a certain softening of her body that I see only when she hears my voice. This is both sweet, and ultimately a bit exhausting. But in these heady days, I can’t get enough of our snuggles. No matter that dinner won’t get made- if she wants to be held by mamma, then so be it! I’m sure at some point, I’ll want a break and/or some distance. But right now, being consumed by [with?] motherhood feel perfectly wonderful.