Sweet Baby Cakes

Baby Bea has passed the twelve week mark, as of Monday. Thank goodness, we can stop counting in weeks and move on to months! Happy 3 months, my sweet baby cakes!

Sorry for my lack of updates here. There’s not all that much to say… just the usual goodness that comes with a newborn. Beatrix is developing right on schedule and doing things like smiling, giggling and chewing her hand (I told you it wasn’t that exciting!). She had her first cold a couple of weeks ago, which luckily didn’t seem too serious. Although she was pretty cranky from being so congested.

Frankly, that’s about all I have to report. I am totally loving our time together: the slow mornings, the snuggles in bed, our afternoon walks. She is flat out refusing a bottle and often wants mommy only, but she recognizes both G and Lucy and always has a smile for them. She continues to sleep well and be generally good-natured. I regularly count my blessings for having such a great kiddo.