Not reading comments?

If you are a) my one loyal or b) one of my two occasional readers, then you may notice a slight change to the *bluefacedpixie* today. At least you will if you are using the bfp theme (which is really the _default_ after all).

I have reduced the _recent posts_ list from 12 to a more manageable number, which required me to do 2 seconds browsing on the *get_archives* WordPress template tag.

I have also introduced an _unread comment_ section using the *Smart Unread Comments* plugin from inner.geek I ran across today in The Robservatory. It’s pretty cool, especially as my two occasional readers also occasionally post comments! If you wanted to get clever with comments you could also use the existing WordPress Comment RSS feed – but I don’t, so why should you?

_[Edit: bfp, 8-Dec-2005, hated the “ss” in “occasion”]_