Month: May 2007

“three Republican presidential candidates said they do not believe in evolution”

The Creationist Museum – $19.95/adult…. At the Creation Museum, a fanciful Eden rises from the void. Adam appears, bearded and handsome, if slightly waxen. Eve emerges from his rib with luxuriant hair and a kindly expression. Trees blossom and creatures frolic, evidence that all started well in God’s perfect world. Elsewhere, as the story develops, […]

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Found it. Loved it. Subscribed. Contributed photos. Now it’s some strange Web 2.0-cum-publishing controversy of internal politicking with community backlash in the new-tech world. It’s a strange story, but I still have half a year of subscription to go, and I regret not buying the issues 1-6 as back issues now.

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