Month: August 2007

Pet Peeves

Oooh, another rant. How’s this for a pet peeve (decided to blog this today on the way back from the zoo when I saw an egregious example)? People who use their cellphones like walkie-talkies even when they’re not: i.e. holding it away from their head, talking to it, with volume turned up full so we […]

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DRM sucks

I still buy CDs and rip them rather than buy online music (from iTunes) due to DRM. However DRM is more than just music and videos these days – it also controls your Windows computer through “Windows Genuine Advantage”, which has broken this weekend, stopping lots of people from using their computers. Ooops. Use Apple […]

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Fatherhood 101, 8

We’ve recently started “solid” food. This is a humorous misnomer as initial food is generally pulped, mashed, masticated, pureed or just generally mush. The theory is that is can get spooned easier and processed easier. However, there remains one cardinal rule: what goes in, must come out. I will spare the visual exhibits, however: a) […]

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