Month: October 2007

Buildings like MacDonalds

My first time in the N* building in Espoo was surreal. Because it was identical to the building I was in in June. In Salo. First right turn after the freeway junction. On the water. Green glass and steel. Same entranceway. Same reception desk. (Almost) the same receptionists. Restrooms in the same places. It *was* […]

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Smoking Booths

We’re all used to the persecution of smokers across the civilized globe by now. However Copenhagen Airport struck me as particularly cruel. This is Europe, so there are significantly more smokers than elsewhere, and airports in Europe normally have smoking zones/areas/rooms. Unlike SeaTac, where smokers get to use the kerb at baggage claim – in […]

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I’d just left the family and was spending my Sunday afternoon passing though SeaTac security. When I saw *it*. Advertising. On the bottoms of the trays we have to put our laptops, jackets, belts, doggie-bags of liquids, shoes and underwear in. Someone probably voted for the “impression count”(ยง) model of advertising as opposed to the […]

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