2007 Activity Zeitgeist

Well its that time again where I’ve frittered away a couple of hours analyzing my activities log from last year.

A change in format of the Excel spreadsheet was not that useful, and it’s actually taken longer to pull together the raw numbers than last year; and then it got a little too interesting when I could go all anal over comparing the numbers to 2006 and 2005.

In preparation – this year sees a significant decrease in activities overall. My spreadsheet has no entries for 92 days from Lucy’s birth to Danika’s return to work (and I need to take the bike). Whether this was form-filling laziness or physical laziness is a mea culpa now. It is now fact. The only two increases are in running and the wonderful nada.

So here are the pies:

Because I run and bike on the same day, the real story (as told by the calendar) for nada is more shocking:

And the numbers, they do not lie (red is for less than 2006, green is for more):

  2007 Miles 2007 Count 2006 Miles 2006 Count 2005 Miles 2005 Count
Work Bike 976 122 1498 124 2014 134
Other Bike 0 4 239 21
Mtn Bike 5 77 12
Run 311 54 163 41 230 42
Trail Run 0 5 51 6
Hike 2 12 65 7
Snow 1 0 12
Other 1 3 9 3 8
Nada 208 0 153
(not nada)
1287 184 1751 219 2601 218

Some points of embarrassment:

  • The 1 snowboarding was actually on the 30th of December this year i.e. last week
  • Mountain biking took a beating and there were only 4 Tiger rides this year and no Epics
  • The shorter work bike ride is really taking it’s toll on the mileage – although the ride count was barely down I’m now less than half the 2005 mileage on my commute (in 2005 Other Bike was mountain biking and non-work biking combined)
  • Green for 208 nada’s is really misleading….

And for the final tidbit – the bike stats: the Volpe had 62 commutes to the 925’s 57 (with the Trek Fuel mountain bike picking up 3 emergency rides), which says more about how bad the weather is in Seattle as this year than true bike preference – I’ve only had the Volpe set up with fenders all year. But this year the Volpe wins, so it’s a year apiece for the Volpe/925 face-off. (Last year: after buying the 925 the ride split was 48 vs. 32 for the Redline.)

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    You have to click through to see your pies, BTW. Also, is there a way to enlarge them? They’re kinda small…

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