Month: May 2008

Random Links

I’ve been on a blog diet, but L just went down for a surprisingly early nap, so here’s some random roundup, a surprising amount from (which was not making the blog diet cut): 21 tips for better photos: good recap. Answers to The Question: what’s under your kilt? Crazy new sandwiches in NYC (NYT […]

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Slow Typer

Try 1: 34 wpm. Never really thought about my bash-the-keyboard speed before (since methodically learning QWERTY on a Sinclair Spectrum at age 14 or so). Guess I’ve learned to rely on auto-spell correction and have a *really* bad habit of missing the space bar.

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Trail, originally uploaded by machaggis. The Battle of Sheriffmuir 1715 is one of the many random sites in Scotland that lay claim to a battle of some sort. Now the moor is a field, edged with a trail to Dunblane and site of a rather fine pub – the Sheriffuir Inn – whose food has […]

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