Month: June 2008

Over the Bridge

My fourth Seafair half-marathon! This year there was a new course – more interesting, but harder. We ran one-way from UW to Bellevue – going over the 520 bridge, which was great fun. There were more hills and less dullness than the old Bellevue-centric route, but we also had a hot day – starting about […]

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More on the Speccy

I got all misty eyed reading the ZX Spectrum wikipedia article I just linked to – and here is a BBC article recapping on it all! For context – I had a little black-screen-and-green-cursor experience with a (I believe) Research Machines RM 80Z at school, an exposure to a ZX81 at the BB’s and then […]

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Indy 4

Indiana Jones 4 (movie): 3/5 I saw this the week it came up, and I went in dreading what could happen to the movies/series (but it couldn’t be worse than Indy 2, right?). I enjoyed the movie which was an unintentional balance of goodness, badness and fun. Many people do not see it this way, […]

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