17th September 2002 – Ullapool, Scotland

We pick up our tale with a touch of class with the BT Scottish Ensemble in the West Coast of Scotland. We finished our USA leg in NYC, overnighted to Britain, spent time with Diana and friends in London and then moved north. We had had insane hot Chinese food in NYC with Megan (who just got married in Bellingham!), had the essential Scottish curry and ate fish and chips on the Royal Mile. Oh and did Belgo in London. And danced a ceilidh in the now closed Riverside Club. And ate what was to be my last meal in Mitchell’s Charing Cross (also closed). Definitely, in more ways than one, this trip was a bit of a swan song of Scotland for me – I never knew it at the time and at least Danika caught a glimpse of some of the highlights.

Other experiences included the classically wet trip to Skye (I promise, one day I will go there when it’s nice) including what I think ended up averaging out (once price-per-person and $/£ were taken into account) as one of, if not the most expensive accomodation of the whole trip. Cute though.

And in terms of memories – the spicy Chinese recollection returns, but “Get Shorty” in Skye/Ullapool/wherever? Really?

day date overnight activity
61 6-Sep-02 Hilton, Midtown, Manhattan, NY Metropolitan Museum of Art, Megan & Jody, red hot Chinese

62 7-Sep-02 Overnight JFK-LHR Brunch in Greenwich Village (Tartine’s), Italian Market

63 8-Sep-02 Diana’s, London, England Windsor, meal, jetlag

64 9-Sep-02 Diana’s, London, England Parliament, Westminster, Trafalgar Sq. Belgo, Grum

65 10-Sep-02 Kilsyth, Scotland Train to Edinburgh, Fish Suppers on the Royal Mile, Brian’s birthday

66 11-Sep-02 Kilsyth, Scotland Stirling, Outside Inn for dinner

67 12-Sep-02 Kilsyth, Scotland Curry in Glasgow, open top tour bus

68 13-Sep-02 Kilsyth, Scotland Willow Tea Room, Mitchells and Ceilidh at the Riverside club

69 14-Sep-02 B&B Spean Br, Scotland Ben Lomond, Ft William at night

70 15-Sep-02 B&B Skye, Scotland Portree, Glen Shee, the world’s worst curry in Portree

71 16-Sep-02 B&B Skye, Scotland Quirang hike, rainy (!), Get Shorty

72 17-Sep-02 B&B Ullapool, Scotland Talisker Brewery, Ullapool hill walk, BT Scottish Ensemble

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