New Year’s Resolutions – 1st January 2003

(Being a re-post of a ten-year old Yahoo groups newsletter update)

[Gordon, January 1st 2003, Manly Beach, Sydney, Australia]

We went out on Sydney Harbour on a tall ship for Hogmanay (Scottish: New Years Eve). It was really windy, and although the champagne flowed freely and the food was great the weather was bad enough that the 9 p.m. family fireworks were cancelled – oh no.

About fifteen minutes before midnight however, the winds died down and Sydney brought in the New Year with one of the most impressive fireworks displays we have ever seen. The only possible downside being that no-one had a chance to sing Auld Lang Syne.

When the show was over we headed back to shore. En-route I started the New Year off with a bigger bang than the fireworks. I produced an engagement ring, and in a most romantic manner, asked Danika to marry me. She said yes!

For everyone who hasn’t heard this news yet, we apologise for the electronic format, but it’s impossible to phone everyone from Australia!

We’re really excited about the future but intend to continue our world travels before doing the deed. We will probably marry later in the year when the trip is over, as it’ll be a little easier to organise then. The location is still to be determined, although the petitioning for a wedding in Danika’s hometown (Buffalo, New York state) has already started.

Until then, the adventure continues: we leave Sydney on the 3rd to go into the Outback.

Best Wishes for a Happy New Year,

Gordon (and Danika)


On an unrelated technical note, the photos we sent out at Christmas require you to sign up with Yahoo Groups. We didn’t know this and so if you don’t want to do this we’ll work out a way to share some photographs more easily in the future.

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