2013 Zeitgeist

A somewhat random, mini-zeitgeist of interesting activity based on my 2013 spreadsheet. 2007 was the last time I did anything like this.

So, 2013… numbers approximate…

  • 173 days where I could commute to work (not sick, on holiday, traveling for work etc)
  • 155 of them I did commute on bike at least one way (almost all of them both ways) that’s almost 90% of the days (I’m almost surprised its not more…)
    • 94 of these on the Volpe, 61 on the 925
    • 38 of them were wet at least one way
  • I ran 44 times
  • I mountain biked a staggering 30 times (which for a father who doesn’t get out much and busted himself for two months is pretty good) – thank you Ecuador!
  • I boarded 12 times, mostly thanks to taking Lucy to ski lessons and killing time at Alpental
  • I swam about half a dozen times

All in all about 246 days of activity – I was aiming for 250 but frankly I’m happy, happy (and had such a lazy/inconvenient December) especially as this accommodated about 8 weeks business travel.

Now, about the mountain biking total for 2014 (and the New York Marathon 2014)….