How it works

The website is hosted at

The,, domain names are registered at and are redirected to luxsci through blackmagic. is registered in Ireland and does not redirect to, which is a little sad.

The website is handwritten HTML, generally emacs’ed on a Mac, but I’m pragmatic about it.

The blogs (bluefacedpixie, planetdanika, premodernist) are local installations of wordpress 1.5.2. The non-blog (aphotoperday) is wordpress 2.

I do use affiliate tags for various things, most noticeably links – my tag there is bluefacedpixi-20.

Since October 2006 I have also webmonkey’ed and new affiliate links will use their tag (ballardcorner-20) in order to fund-raise for the park.

In November 2006 also started to host Karima’s Thanksgiving lists as a WordPress 2.0 blog using a mostly-stock (as opposed to customized-to-hell) theme. It looks pretty good.