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“Cesar’s Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding and Correcting Common Dog Problems”

A book critic’s view on Harry Potter and the death of book reading: it looks like a bad case of cultural infantilism I just spent all afternoon on the deck finishing off Midnight Tides (4/5) – an ongoing installment in the mind-bogglingly panoramic blood-and-guts-a-little-too-much epic fantasy from Steven Erikson (I had the UK version, sent […]

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Ballard Corners Park

I’ve indirectly mentioned Ballard Corners Park before, in a photo per day in June. It’s now time, however, to throw my hat (and heart) in the ring and do the full on “nothing-comes-for-free-in-America-isn’t-neighbourhood-fund-raising-a-great-thing” thing. I live in Ballard (inballard, wikipedia), it’s a nice little community but by a freak of its past it’s short of […]

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