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Episode 1

Doctor Who, Eleventh Doctor, Episode 1. If I buy into the thematic corny vibe of the rebooted series since 2005…. this is not bad. New producer, main writer etc. It’s 1130, I should go to bed. But.. let’s try episode 2. Oh, a couple of small points – apparently the new Doctor is reportably fanciable […]

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Book: The Execution Channel

The Execution Channel by Ken MacLeod My review rating: 3 of 5 stars Interrupted The Backroom Boys to take The Execution Channel on a trip. Surprisingly good. I’m often surprised by Ken MacLeod – he writes clearly, wittingly and sometimes irritatingly Scottish. His irritations also sometimes roll over into technology (like his erstwhile peer Charles […]

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Whisky Dammit!

Sanity prevails at the NYT: I shall spare you the other email comments I’ve received, except this one, from a gentleman in Scotland: “Sadly the word ‘whiskey’ conjures up a very different brew here in Scotland. Scotch Whisky it has ever been, and ‘Scotch Whiskey’ an embarrassing solecism unworthy of The New York Times.’’ By […]

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