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1 hour 12 minutes

It may be counting chickens, but if the godaddy forwarding kicks in within the next few hours will be the internet’s most recent “Single Serving Site“. I’m rusty, rusty but in the last 72 minutes to starting to write this post: Registered at Realized they have less free things than they used […]

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And when I say hacked, I mean, planetdanika, bluefacedpixie, ringraziamento – the whole bally real estate. Files changed, php inserted with DATA expanding doobry, index.html changed. Awful. So it’s all blown away, clean redeploy from the initial January deploy on this ISP, passwords changed, MD5 cronjob installed, users disabled on the blogs…. and […]

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Tried out bing! today as an alternative to google. When I searched for the blogs bing faithfully returned them with a lot of spam/SEO optimized crap that looks like it’s inserted into bluefacedpixie and planetdanika. Yup, somewhere along the line I’ve been hacked. I’ve let the robotic logins slide for waaay too long, relying […]

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No One Reads My Blog Anyway

Re-treading old ground, perhaps, but we’ve been unavailable some sometime today and I bet you didn’t notice. In the world of geek, moved hosting providers. We left and moved to What this means for no top page on as I’ve only moved the blogs the blogs are all working (tell […]

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Ballard Corners Park

I’ve indirectly mentioned Ballard Corners Park before, in a photo per day in June. It’s now time, however, to throw my hat (and heart) in the ring and do the full on “nothing-comes-for-free-in-America-isn’t-neighbourhood-fund-raising-a-great-thing” thing. I live in Ballard (inballard, wikipedia), it’s a nice little community but by a freak of its past it’s short of […]

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