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Where are the pedals?

27 hours 20 minutes

Danika cruising at sunset, originally uploaded by machaggis. That’s currently the unofficial time of team 95 (“Ultra Crawlers”) at the Ragnar. Our team of amateur, we-really-shouldn’t-be-here, Ultra runners cranked home an impressive run. Here are a few photos (I’ll add to the album later). Some of my more personal stats: Hours slept: 3 Leg 1 […]

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Ragnar 2008

It’s that time again…. tomorrow is the Northwest Ragnar. This year I have convinced D to run it with me! And in a spate of craziness we are also doing the Ultra – twice as much running and half as much support in the car (1 driver, 1 support, 1 runner – in the regular […]

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Over the Bridge

My fourth Seafair half-marathon! This year there was a new course – more interesting, but harder. We ran one-way from UW to Bellevue – going over the 520 bridge, which was great fun. There were more hills and less dullness than the old Bellevue-centric route, but we also had a hot day – starting about […]

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Run. Drive. Sleep. Repeat.

Running Hot – Leg 9 (2007-07-27_DSC_8724.jpg), originally uploaded by machaggis. Friday and Saturday were interesting. The Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage ’07. Quite how I was talked into it, I don’t know, but I had a blast. Our team (the “Crawlers”) ended up 35 out of 58, although 8 for 8 for the “all male” teams. […]

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Bah sucks to undue pessimism

In what is now becoming an annual event we trekked over to Bellevue for the Seafair half-marathon. I’d done a reasonable amount of ‘ok’ training for it this year, but in the last four weeks combinations of business travel, migraines and pulled muscles had me picturing doom and gloom and images of unmitigated disaster ahead. […]

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Running Boy

Sunday, 9th July, Bellevue, Seafair Half-Marathon 1 Hour 42 Minutes 21 Seconds (unofficial) A few weeks of preparation paid off in the run yesterday. I was pretty happy with my time – over 6 minutes better than the struggle from the year before (although eating gourmet food the night before had been fun). Surprisingly many […]

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