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Tron: Legacy

There’s nothing like the task of a Canadian tax return to drive you to blockbuster DVD night, but boy was Tron: Legacy bad. Although seeing Bruce Boxleitner (really recognizing his voice, because it’s been a few cycles) made me start jonesing for Babylon 5 once more.

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Watchmen – not a review

My friend Morgan and I are getting frustrated. There’s this big comic-book movie out this week – Watchmen, based on a seminal graphic novel from 23 years ago now that is a little dated (remember the Cold War?) and morally ambiguous. But today’s entertainment is all morally ambiguous, so it’s not that different. But the […]

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DVD: Cloverfield

bfp: 4/5, imdb, amazon short can’t say much without spoiling it “it’s a terrible thing” story from the viewpoint of a camera Japanese movie shot in Manhattan might need to go watch something else JJ Abrams is involved in now, or I might just wait for Star Trek. liked it!

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I was Lucy-fied in 2008 and posted comments on Indy 4 and Transformers. I also didn’t watch a lot of movies. However for books I’ve decided to do goodreads ala The Jennifer Morgue so for 2009 I may return to doing movies here. I’ve done so before (ooh, late at night, that English/sentence smells bad). […]

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