The bfp rating system

Also known as “the machaggis rating system”.

This rating system was originally formulated for movies, especially rentals, but translates well to other items in spirit.

I consider it a “recommendation” rating system – i.e. would I recommend it to _you_.

Personally I generally prefer a boolean system (i.e. “yes” or “no”) but the pressure of modern world and market forces, and the extra descriptive license, leads me the *X/5* model.

(1/5) Run for your life
(2/5) Once was enough
(3/5) I’d do it again
(4/5) I’d buy it
(5/5) You should own this

So for food this would translate too:

(1/5) Never, ever again.
(2/5) Don’t go there, but you won’t die
(3/5) It’s ok, and may have a redeeming feature or two to offset the overall
(4/5) I’ll go back
(5/5) Residence required aka “The Besalu”

Some historical ratings are fun to see, and I think I may rate a little Scottish (3 = Scottish “not bad” = American “awesome”).

This rating system is used on, bluefacedpixie and planetdanika.