Happy Halloween

I was prepared to be really sore this morning from yesterday’s run. For the most part, though, I felt great. My arms and neck were the most sore- probably from breaking my fall. G woke to tell me he’d dreamt of trail running- maybe I’ll convert him yet! I’m already counting the days to next week’s trail run.

We must be the least interested in Halloween of anyone we know. We were invited to two casual ‘pumpkin carving and beer’ evenings this weekend. At last night’s iteration, we deemed it (pumpkin carving) one of the quintessential American experiences- right up there with making Smores. The Waddell household is ignoring it altogether- no decorations, costumes or candy. I, for one, will be perfectly happy when it’s over. Thanksgiving is much more my speed.

One Reply to “Happy Halloween”

  1. Well,eventhough you currently profess to have no affiity for Halloween,as your Mamma, I remember a few killer costumes you donned in the past. (And I have the photos to prove it!)
    Several that come to mind:
    1. A wizard. costume made from blue and silver satin, damask draperies from the thirties or forties.
    2. A peacock. we went to Malloy’s ( they had real peacocks) and collected tailfeathers which we sewed onto a turquiose bodysuit)
    3. A firecracker. You and Laila won first prize for thee get-ups. You wore flame headpieces made of gold metallic fabric.

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