Riding the Pow Pow

I am WAY behind on blogging. My apologies. I am taking a much-needed relaxing evening at home. Between some weekend snowboard activities and a cold, I’m not moving very quickly today.

On Friday G and I headed to Whistler for another weekend of snow play. It got off to a melancholy start. We were supposed to travel with friends, but they had to cancel last minute due to some medical issues in the family. G and I were sobered by it all, and reminded once again to enjoy the time we have with our loved ones. Hence, we decided to head to Whistler anyway.

Another late night drive- we arrived after midnight with plenty of exciting weather on the way up. Saturday was spent snowboarding on Whistler Mountain, among massive Spring Break crowds. The lines were insanely long and the lodge was packed at lunch, but the snow was amazing so we had a great day regardless. Probably due to the Easter holiday, they all vanished and Sunday we seemed to be all by ourselves on Blackcomb Mountain. I overcame my ‘fear’ of Blackcomb and we had another good day, although my legs felt like rubber for most of the day.

It was a fantastic weekend for snow- tons and tons of powder, a rarity for this late in the season. I got lots of practice with my new board and new ‘goofy’ stance. G commented how nice it was to see me riding with a huge grin on my face. I still seem to be falling down A LOT. As such, I am covered in bruises and my neck is suffering from whiplash. In short, I hurt pretty much everywhere.

But I enjoyed my time snowboarding with G, a couple days away from home, and even some good dinners. The sheer beauty of Whistler is enough to leave a lingering smile on my face for days.