The Final Stretch

So I hit the 33 week mark in my pregnancy earlier this week. I’m still feeling quite good, aside from the fact that my belly’s in the way nearly all the time. According to, Noodlehead’s now weighing in at over 4 pounds and is 17+ inches long. Wowsa! Last night I visited the midwife for our (currently) bi-weekly checkup. She checked the heart beat (140s, as usual) and confirmed the position of the baby- head down. That’s great news as it most likely won’t shift significantly again.

I now have less than 7 weeks to go. It’s feeling awfully real these days. G and I are planning a big blowout shopping weekend where we FINALLY buy some things for this baby (i.e. clothes! furniture! car seat!). We both have various lists of household chores, things to buy and other items to arrange before the end of December. I’m interviewing for a replacement at work and will soon be training. I’m glad this process takes 9 months, but I’m definitely getting ready for it to be over. Weight gain (last I checked) is about 24 pounds. Food intake has gone down as my appetite has decreased to a more normal level. Activity levels are more or less constant- despite the weather I’m managing an almost daily walk.

I think it hit me last week when I overheard G say to someone that we’re in the last 5-10 weeks. Really, there is an end in sight. And the future, my friends, is BRIGHT.

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