The 11-Day Update

Miss Lucy is ELEVEN days old already. It’s kind of hard to believe. We are seeing changes in her already. She seems bigger (and cuter, of course) every day. The 1st eleven days have seen all sorts of milestones- she’s had her cord fall off, smiled for the 1st time, and even had a trip to Cafe Besalu! Today we had a home visit from our midwife who proclaimed her in excellent health. Newborns are supposed to lose a small amount of weight and then regain it by the time they’re two weeks old. Well, we had the first big weigh in today and she’s not only regained the weight she lost, but she’s gained an additional seven ounces! That brings her to 9 pounds, 5 ounces!! Apparently, breastfeeding is working just fine.

That’s all the major news on the development front. For the most part, we’re managing to eat, sleep and take a daily walk (and that’s about it). Tomorrow we have our first family guest (my mother) and G goes back to work next week. In the mean time, feel free to stop by and visit us! Or if you’re remote, continue to check in for photo updates- G’s getting pics up every couple days.