The Baby Industry

Since becoming pregnant (and now having a newborn), I’ve become much more aware of the baby industry. Much like the wedding industry, there seems to be an awful lot of money flying around and somebody’s making out like a bandit. I can’t believe how much GEAR there is- from strollers and car seats to cribs and bassinets- the selection can be quite overwhelming. I think G and I have done a decent job at not buying into a lot of this. We bought very few clothes, don’t yet own a crib and got a lot of our gear at consignment stores. We didn’t buy any of the things we deem superfluous, i.e. a wipes warmer. I got a kick out of finding this blog post, titled the Top 10 most ridiculous products for babies. I could add to the list but I’ll bite my tongue lest I offend any of my readers who own such things.

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