Still Running

After my crazy escapades in October and November (50K and marathon, respectively), I took December pretty easy. I did run. But between traveling to Scotland, Lucy being sick, and the holidays…well, I only got out a few times. But it was enough to kinda sorta maintain a bit of my fitness level. Fast forward to January and I’m well on track again. I’m up to 4+ runs/week and was out at Cougar Mountain again this weekend. I met up with a bunch of the people from my North Face training group and we had a great time! We did about 8 miles (1:45:00 total time, including stops)- not that far, nor was it fast. But we chatted and caught up while running through muddy quagmires, jumping over logs and dodging many fallen trees. The weather was a bit spotty- we started with rain, then it was dry and later on a few minutes of snow! At the end there were sun breaks and we all hung out in the parking lot with coffee and satsumas, courtesy of Ali.

Everyone is talking about the races they’ll run this year and what their goals are. So far, I’ve held back on any goal-setting. I may run a few races, but I have no specific target. I think that’s OK for now. As much as I love running, it’s nice to just be running as recreation. When you have your sights set on a race, you HAVE to get out there for your training runs. And it can be a grind. Presently, I don’t have to run any specific distance or time. I can just do it for fun. We’ll see where that takes me.

Today, I took Lucy to Green Lake and ran around a couple times whilst pushing the stroller. She did great and there was barely a peep out of her the whole time. I did 5.6 miles in about 49 minutes (8:45 min/mile). Pretty darn good for pushing a baby and stroller! And speaking of fun, there’s talk of maybe getting out on my snowboard again. Geesh, that could be ugly (it’s been nearly 2 years). Careening down a mountain in several feet of snow? Somewhat different than my current activities, but it sounds grand, doesn’t it?