Big Stuff

Little Big Stuff (aka Baby Bea) is 5 months old today! It has been a rather eventful 5 months. Hmmm….let’s see: we bought a new house, moved, sold our old house, flew east to visit family, I quit my job. Yeah, BIG STUFF.

It’s all good, it’s just been a wee bit hectic. Things are starting to settle down now as we gradually unpack and get our bearings in the new ‘hood (which is really the same as the old ‘hood, just a different subsection). In any case, our baby Bea is still a star. She grins and smiles nearly all the time. She’s highly mobile and I’m already finding her 10+ feet away from where I set her down. Eek! I expect an early crawler…in addition to being an early teether. She’s had 2 teeth for nearly a month.

She totally adores her big sis. I am getting glimpses of the friendship these 2 girls will have as they grow up. I love seeing them engage and interact. Bea’s face positively lights up when she sees Lucy. She does get cranky, but it’s most often when mom is not nearby. She’s still refusing to take a bottle and is thus virtually attached to me. All things considered, it could be much worse. In a few weeks, we’ll start introducing solids and then maybe I can get away for more than an hour! In the mean time, I’m savoring the time when I am the center of her world. How sweet it is.

And oh yeah, our new house is BIG. So come visit!

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