Danika's 2006 list

dry and/or sunny fall days
a complication-free pregnancy
my body and its amazing abilities to change and accommodate new life
organic/hormone-free milk
port-o-potties (aka Honey Buckets/Johnny on the Spots) that have toilet paper and hand sanitizer
road trips, especially with a good companion
Brown Cow cream on top yogurt
good greens (kale, chard, spinach, etc.)
hand me downs
peanut butter
people who still send birthday cards
a job with good vacation time (3 weeks in my 1st year)
an office with windows and a view
free weekend minutes on my cell phone plan
living in an area with tremendous options for childbirth (i.e. midwives, birth centers, doulas)
snowboarding, which gives me a reason to like precipitation!
ultrasounds and Dopplers
buses that are on time and not too crowded
people that give up their seat on the bus
blogs that enable me to keep up with friends who live far away
slippers, robes, hats, gloves, scarves and other things that keep me warm
National Parks
hiking trails that aren’t too crowded
people who yield on hiking trails
being upgraded (in hotels, on flights, etc.)
Besalu and its perfect, buttery, French pastries
living within walking distance of the video store, post office, bank, grocery store, coffee shops, restaurants and the movie theater
Essential Bakery’s Rosemary Diamante bread
my book club

Best meal: Mar Plata, Puerto Vallarta Mexico
Best movie: I can’t think of a single one…I’ll come back with one
Best book: “My year of meats” by Ruth Ozeki
Best cd: Alexi Murdoch

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