Gems from the past

Here are a few gems from previous years:

curtains billowing in the breeze
having been taught the names of mountains
~Molly Sturdevant/2003
an “extra ” bathroom
~Irene Pakel /2001
the way the pool slides off you after a good shave and taper
safe landings and fufilling trips.
~Lyn Corder/2001
the sound of water rushing down a street sewer
~Gene Yates /2001
the sound of a paddle dipping in water
~another good one from Gene
the ability to make people laugh
the ability to remember where I’ve been
a man on his knees…on a ladder…in the yard…you get the picture.
~Paula Ryan/2002
momentary misperceptions that make familiar objects strange
sitting on the porch at night
wedded bliss (tee hee)
people who don’t play Christmas music before Thanksgiving!
mail from friends.
people that give directions in English
people who give you a brake in traffic.
~Grandpa Bondi/1999
dreams to attain.
~Tony Maligno/1999
to be traveling in the opposite direction of the traffic jam.
the chuckle of little ones.
~Aunt Mae Zanghi/2003
shovelled sidewalks.
~Cory Muldoon/1996
kisses that start out wanting to know…
~John Haupt/2003
for friends as unpretentious as cabbages.
~Mirek Piskacek/2002