Karima's 2006 List

utilities and people who share theirs when you have none (e.g. Greg)
saws and people who know how to use them (e.g my next door neighbor)

all the noble folks who worked so hard to bring us LIGHT and HEAT

food in the larder, money in the bank


clothespins (such brave little household attendants)


ancestors that gave me a strong footing

people that NOTICE

polite people
all my daily fumbles (that keep me humble)

minor adjustments that change everything

finding stuff I thought was lost

the public library

digital cameras


writing/receiving real old-fashioned letters (e.g. Sandra)

being cooked for, and quite majestically (Greg)

leftovers (extending the savor)

the rustle of the unexpected

And to all my Dear Ones who are as gorgeous as eggplants, as vigorous as morning glory tendrils and have hearts as big as hubbards.

A tall sunflower nod to you all. May your seeds spread far and wide.


Yearly favorites:


Fiction: Heartbeat by Sharon Creech

Nonfiction: The Art of Eating by M.F.K. Fisher
Short Story Collection: The Last Lovely City by Alice Adams


The Big Sleep

Little Miss Sunshine

Going to the Italian Film Festival with Greg, Laila, Tessa, John and Cynde and seeing and loving, once again, Moonstruck.


@Au Pied de Cochon (Montreal)


Soundtrack from the movie Transamerica


“You can’t patch every hole.”

~Grandma Gullo

“If you let things go, what you get is gone.”

~John Lloyd

3 Replies to “Karima's 2006 List”

  1. I also love leftovers — and you, Karima! Thanks for nudging me to get in gear and fiture out these new, computer ways of doing things and also, years ago, teaching me about saving money, even when I didn’t have much.

  2. Pockets! Aren’t they great little things? I find that I don’t want to wear anything without them anymore.

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