Laila's List

flannel (for sleeping)

cashmere (for all other activities)


friends’ houses I can walk to

being able to walk to one of the largest lakes in the world and seeing the coastline of another country

a well-stocked freezer and pantry

backyard vegetable garden

the sabres-especially afinogenov, miller, pominville, numminen, drury and briere.  and also I love that lindy ruff.

instant messaging

gratifying employment

discovering good, live music in buffalo


having business cards

french press coffee

i’m especially happy the eighties are back in because I love legwarmers.

having friends and family to visit all over the country

savoring the prospect of being an auntie

pictures of my gorgeous, pregnant sister

brown rice sushi

out of town guests

stained glass

watching (other peoples’!) babies grow up

finding friends you thought were gone from your life

rediscovering my single self

Book: Dreams from my Father by Barack Obama

Movie:  I can’t remember the last time I saw a movie.  That’s sad.  But I have two movie tickets if anyone wants to go on a movie date with me.

CD: My New Orleans classic CD.  Ernie K-Doe, Cheeky Blakk, Ballzack, Rebirth, Dr. John.  Fantastic!

Meal:  The dinner Victor cooked for me out of the cookbook from Nika.  And also, my tamarind glazed lamb.

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  1. Laila,
    Here’s another Grandma Gullo saying:
    “Food in the frezeris like money in the bank.”

    p.s. Let’s go to the movies.

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