Cory's List

In 2006 I am thankful for:


pho ga

sweet potatoes


the exhilaration of organizing a coordinated action of people that goes well


acrobats and bicycles



smoked salmon

the world cup soccer championships (next time argentina)

dates that make butterflies flutter in your stomach

desk, office and filing cabinets (still don’t have them)

the roots album “the tipping point”

introducing the chimps by the DCLS Allstars

belly pictures and the babies in ’em

ripples of sand under the calm waters of Lake Michigan

naps by the lake

hammocks that hang by the lake for napping

the Developing Justice Coalition

skype for talking to my sister in Japan

cousins that help you pick out neck ties

hikes in the woods

the incredible manner in which the sun light bounces off of cliffs and lakes



cowboy hats and rivers

favorite movie: Dave Chappelle’s Block Party

favorite meal: New Year’s at Laila’s house

favorite book: I am reading Zorro by Isabel Allende right now, it is pretty good

favorite website:

Have a super lovely wonderful thanksgiving

5 Replies to “Cory's List”

  1. Pho ga is a vietnamese chicken noodle soup. The broth is complex deliciousness and reportedly takes six hours to prepare…it is filled with long skinny rice noodles, and a simple assortment of vegies and chicken, garnish with bean sprouts, basil, jalapeno, lime and hotsauce to your liking. This is the soup that keeps me healthy through the winter.

    You can get it at Pho Hoa in Chicago and most any other Vietnamese restaurant.

  2. How can you write that mouthwatering description when I am in a land of meat pies and fat, oddly gray boiled sausages??

  3. We are a couple thousand miles from almost everything. I thought a Taiwan sidetrip would be part of the deal but boy did I forget my geography……………….11 hours and $2,000 dollars for that Asian meal!

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