Sandra's Thanksgiving list

the genious who created Skype

portable pianos

exotic lands


a Godchild having a child

love finding someone you love

the kindness of strangers

Favorite Book:  When Madeline was Young by Jane Hamilton
Favorite CD: Eye to the Telescope – K T Tungstall

Favorite Meal – inviting a Venetian couple who were in St. Paul for 3 weeks to dinner at my house. Word of mouth led to many side invitations and other Italians who had emigrated to St. Paul showed up. It had little to do with my cooking and everything to do with the life Italians bring to a dinner table!

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  1. I don’t skype – I have a long distance plan on my cellphone that let’s me call Futurephone (in one of the flat states) for free, and from there I can call around the world – from a normal phone, not a computer!

    Read more at Pogue.

  2. Futurephone — looked into it, looks great! Unfortunately it still doesn’t help those of us already overseas…. nor anyone calling me and my mobile-only self…. can’t wait to be in one place long enough to have a land-line!

    Thanks gordon, that looks really helpful for when I’m back visiting too!

  3. Sandra,

    it sounds like it might be a time for a day trip up to the mainland (southeast asia) to do a bit of shopping and food sampling… that’s not to far right? jus ta couple thousand miles?

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