Greg's Thanxgiving List 2006

After being gently nudged by my own gentle nudger I sit here too early in the A.M., trying to remember all the things I am thankful for:

My grown daughters and their purposefulness;

Memories of my son;

Music in general and particularily Jazz….the discovery of old (Louis Armstrong’s Hot five & Hot seven, Ella with and without Louis, Coltrane, Gerald Wilson) the new (Sean Jones, Carli Munoz, Julius Tolentino, Liz Wright) and my generation’s (Herbie Hancock, Freddie Hubbard,  Joe Henderson, Cassandra Wilson…and so many, many more.

Good Food, Good Restaurants and really good friends

Montreal in February, only surpassed by Montreal in July

My parents 

Music festivals

Soaked Mesquite, Hickory and fruit wood chips just after they have been placed on the smoldering coals

Webber grills, charcoal of course

Fresh herbs

Really, really good bottles of wine for less than $20

The perfect cosmopolitan, muddled old fashion and single barrel bourbon

Xmas smells the day after the tree is put up

The end of Fall and the beginning of winter when the snow is fresh and the air is coldly crisp….and I descend my stairs feeling the gentle heat warming the house and making it such a cozy place to be…

The nudger, her heart, grace, artfulness and the way she shares her authors, music, friends, the New Yorker, Georgia Review, recipes…..St. Vicent Depaul treasures and a willingness to get in a car or on a plane in search of new adventures

Last year’s New Years Eve Party

Photography… a new camera… new photo opportunities

Sunrises in Saratoga

I have a memory impacted by the seventies and all the good times that resulted in a decade at college with that caveat I will list some of my favorite things of 2006:

Movies: Good Night Good Luck, Hustle & Flow, revisiting The Big Sleep

Books: Parables of the Sower(Octavia Butler), Kindred (Butler), Spending (Mary Gordon), Dreams of My Father (Barrack Obama)

CD: Two For the Road-Mimi Fox & Greta Matassa, Timeline and Blue Jazz (both by Malachai Thompson, old music I newly discovered) 

Concerts: Short term memory forces me to say Cyrus Chestnut & Kevin Mahogany, saw them Saturday Nite (11/18).




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  1. I feel like I know you just a little bit better now………..or as they would say here – just a wee bit better. Food, wine, mesquite barbecue – my mouth is watering……….

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