e's list


sine waves, saw waves, square waves, bass drums

teachers who excel at exciting

a tongue

clean water delivered to my door

instant hot water for tea or soup

electronic financial transactions


chilled wax apples, dumplings, grass jelly

gotta say it, Skype

siblings who are great friends

people to play and run with (because gyms are tedious)

sleep, sweet dreamland

teeth, intact and numb and utile

an entirely walkable living, working, studying, playing, eating, and shopping environment

the divine mornings I’m reminded my city is surrounded by mountains (though by 9am they’re once again veiled by pollution)

smart friends (too smart, the little snots)


vegetarian “meat”

sighs and their miraculous efficacy


being naturally mosquito-resistant


forgiveness (self- and otherwise)

movie that impressed me this year: Wings of Honneamise

book: who has time for those?

music: Melvin’s recent cello recital

yes, maybe there’s a theme in there somewhere….

4 Replies to “e's list”

  1. Ideograph — after consulting the web I find that logograph is the better description of what I’m thankful for.

    Square wave, sine wave, sawtooth, etc — all forms of wave that make digital and analog electronics controllable and useful, and crank out fat, mean bass and synth sounds for techno… and I love to dance. There are two canadian DJ’s from my Toronto days coming to Gaoxiong this weekend (a couple of hours south) and I’m itching to go, but my Sunday soccer match and Dave’s visit from China have curtailed that possibility, sadly. Next time, next time.

  2. Now WHO is snotty-smart??? Most of us are just thankful for….. the sun, the rain, and the appleseed…..oh the Lord is good to me!

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